The first blockchain achievements in MMA — to all fans of hard sports

The first blockchain achievements in MMA — to all fans of hard sports

Cryptocurrencies have forced us to look at the world of business, technology, and entertainment from a different angle, transferring many traditional processes to the blockchain base. Experimenting with building networks and platforms using the blockchain can provide benefits in security, transaction costs, reduced intermediaries, and privacy, which in turn appeals to any business and government.

Cadastral GIS data, information portals, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, social networks, video games, trading platforms, marketplaces, educational platforms, financial organizations, and dozens of other areas have gained successful experience in using blockchain. And the very idea of blockchain does not stand still, every few years offering new technologies, including DAO, NFT, and DeFi.

The first blockchain achievements are also appearing in the sports world. In this direction, it all started with blockchain fitness apps that tracked body performance, athletic performance and reward users for being active. But these were only the first attempts to tokenize the desire for a healthy lifestyle that had nothing to do with the global, international sports industry.

Today, such popular disciplines as boxing, football, hockey, MMA and any other sports can receive huge benefits from the decentralized model. But what is the motivation for using blockchain technologies in such simple and understandable areas as sports disciplines?

In fact, everything is complicated by the sheer number of intermediaries between athletes, promotions, federations, TV channels, and sponsors. The more people are involved in the industry (and in the case of football, more than 2 billion people), the more complex the relationships will be and the more money will remain in the pockets of intermediaries and third parties. It is also worth remembering how difficult it can be to get tickets to top competitions, and how some of them always go to a select, limited group of people.


It is a blockchain that can solve these and many other pains of the sports industry. After all, the pillars on which the idea of ​​this technology is built are trust, transparency, decentralization, and equality of network participants. In such conditions, the participation of intermediaries fades into the background. The use of blockchain in sports, as elsewhere, can cut costs and provide a new level of relationship with fans. In addition, investors will also benefit by receiving simple and transparent investment instruments. Holders of tokenized assets of sports organizations will be able to influence the issuer’s decisions on the DAO principle. 

Sports fans will be able to get equal access to the services of organizations, buy tickets and seats, take part in public events and enjoy the benefits regardless of geographic location, social status, citizenship, and other conventions beyond which blockchain transcends.

Sports organizations, federations, and promotions also see great potential in this, experimenting with cryptocurrency tokens that allow you to pay for tickets, buy branded merchandise, take part in exclusive activities, and more. The movement towards the digitalization of sports is also taking place through the creation of universal blockchain platforms that allow the use of tokens and interaction with other participants. Equally important advantages of issuing your own coins are the high liquidity of an asset if it belongs to a popular organization. And the offer of services, payment for which is possible only in these tokens and within the platform, increases the demand for coins and brings passive profit to investors, as well as to all members and fans of the organization.

Experiments with blockchain are also appearing in the world of MMA. AMC’s “Fight Nights” promotion announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency token, designed to unite viewers, fighters, advertisers, and promoters into a peer-to-peer system on a single platform. AMC Fight Nights Global is the largest MMA promotion company in Europe, Russia, and the CIS countries, in which world-class fighters take part.

The main goals of the organization are called attracting investments in AMC Fight Nights for the development of sports and promotion to the world level, as well as building decentralized solutions with provable honesty for investors and members of the AMC Fight Nights ecosystem.

Holders of the AMC token receive maximum discounts on tickets for all AMC Fight Nights tournaments, the opportunity to participate in private club events and reality shows, as well as discounts on sportswear, paraphernalia and much more. In addition to commercial purposes, with the help of the new platform AMC Fight Nights, it is planned to create a “Fund to support veterans and disabled combatants”.

AMC has already launched a pre-sale of their token and conducted the first stage of the sale, at which the coin price was only $0.2. Now you can buy an AMC token and join the platform for $0.4. And in a few days, the third stage of pre-sale will begin with a price of $0.8. It is noteworthy that the team freezes for a certain period all coins that were sold to investors before listing on the exchange in order to protect the price from inflation because the estimated starting price of trading will be more than $1!

It is obvious that it is extremely profitable to purchase an AMC token on pre-sale. It remains only to determine your strategy: buy at a cheaper price, get a long freeze, or take a higher price, but with a minimum blocking time. 

In any case, the demand for the AMC token is now extremely high, because the promotion is actively holding tournaments and popularizing MMA. Calendar of events for the near future:

  1. June 18, 2021 – tournament in Krasnoyarsk;
  2. June 25 – fight of Magomed Ismailov against Vladimir Mineev in Moscow;
  3. July 16 – another tournament in Moscow where Yusuf Raisov and Alexei Makhno will meet;
  4. In August, an MMA tournament will be held in Buryatia;
  5. August 28 – a joint tournament in memory of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov with the EFC league (Khabib Nurmagomedov);
  6. September 18 – tournament in Kazakhstan;
  7. October 1 – tournament in Moscow;
  8. Also in October, the MMA tournament will be held in Vladivostok.

In addition, the casting of the Superstar project is taking place right now, and the launch of a new fistfighting project under the auspices of AMC is planned for the near future!

You can join the project and become at the forefront of mixed martial arts (MMA) tokenization by following the link.