The Complete CryptoEconomy Solution – Introducing AGATE

The Complete CryptoEconomy Solution - Introducing AGATE

Released in January 2009, the Bitcoin code was the first ever Blockchain Technology to surface the market which started a crypto-revolution across the globe. Within almost a decade, the market saw a flurry of new technologies emerging and disrupting businesses and economic sectors but, every solution simply focused to a particular use-case and imposed with restrictions which brought us to one of the most important questions that has this emerging technology achieved mass adoption?
Bitcoin did revolutionize the payment area and with the launch of Ethereum, the market witnessed the limitless potential of the blockchain. However, the existing solutions that revolve around micropayments are either impractical owing to slow blockchain throughput or the transactions are artificially restricted by the limited supply of coins.
Other platforms that power purchases and allow users to spend their crypto-tokens are only limited to certain eStores, but when it comes to convincing store merchants or e-Commerce giants to make them accept such cryptos as a form of payment, there’s no existing integration and fiat money is the only mode of payment.
In absence of a true cryptocurrency that offers a true decentralization of economy, every technology that surfaces the market lacks the definition of a comprehensive solution.
Introducing AGATE – A Complete CryptoEconomy Solution:
AGATE, a complete set of a decentralized blockchain, offers a comprehensive crypto infrastructure that includes two mobile apps, an ecosystem, API Suite, plug-ins, add-ons and a physical POS terminal.
Consisting 12 different modules that completes its infrastructure, AGATE is fuelled by its AGT token, that offers a comprehensive solution for everyday banking while providing a centralized gateway that connects millions of developers, users and in-store and online merchants to the CryptoEconomy.
Observing a number of limitations within every other blockchain platform, AGATE brings the best out of the best by adequately addressing the core problems with ideal solutions:
Pertaining to the generic problems, AGATE brings comprehensive solutions through its CryptoEconomy platform:
– Total Solution:
As already discussed, the existing blockchain ecosystems touch upon a few aspects and develop a use-case solution pertaining to a particular problem. Agate, on the contrary, considers all the aspects of a true CryptoEconomy and offers a complete set of decentralized blockchain within 12 different modules.
– Protocol:
The Ethereum Protocol made developers busy, creating numerous DApps but never offered a white label solution that allows the developers to build such DApps or DAO on a strong and reliable network. AGATE introduces the AGATE API Suite that allows developers to bring innovation while improving the entire CryptoEconomy.
– Cost Effective:
The entire ecosystem runs on AGATE Blockchain that offers better throughput speeds with far more economical costs.
– Eco-Friendliness:
Unlike the Proof-of-Work model that leaves a carbon footprint behind, AGATE blockchain is based on the Proof-of-Stake consensus model that has the lowest and almost non-existent impact on the environment.
– Acceptance:
While none of the cryptocurrencies are accepted universally, AGATE integrates its tokens with almost all the existing in-store merchants and e-Commerce websites that accept AGATE tokens as a mode of payment.
Specific to the users on the community, AGATE addresses multiple issues that crypto-users face while bringing optimal solutions:
– Addressing Volatility:
While converting to Fiat money, crypto users are always prone to the volatility due to poor exchange markets. AGATE enables optimal transfer of your crypto-holdings to iFiat through an AI Bot that allows its users to realize the best spending value for their crypto-assets.
– Speed:
Slow transactions speeds have long been a problem in the crypto-world. AGATE brings incredible transaction speeds with the ability for near-instant settlement of the transfers.
– Collaboration of Crypto-Holdings:
AGATE offers one of the best multi-currency wallet app where users can store and manage up to 17 different coins and tokens from different blockchains.
AGATE also brings solutions that merchants on the platforms face:
– Acceptance of Various Currencies:
With the market flooded with almost 1604 cryptocurrencies till date, merchants are unsure as to which tokens are stable for acceptance. AGATE presently accepts five major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, and Litecoin while allowing the merchants to accept up to 17 different cryptocurrencies in the near future.
– Easy Transfers to Fiat Money:
While most of the suppliers fear the use of cryptocurrencies, AGATE allows such merchants to instantly transfer their crypto-holdings into Fiat money while providing the ability to make use of such assets in the everyday business.
– Fast Settlement Speeds:
While the slow settlement speeds deter merchants from accepting cryptocurrencies, AGATE’s iFiat ecosystem with near-instant settlements makes sure, the payments are immediately available and spendable for the merchant.
With such sophisticated architecture, AGATE not only resolves the existing problems revolving around the blockchain technology but offers users with a one-size-fits-all solution while paving way for the Blockchain Technology to achieve mass adoption within the global economy.
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