The announcement of the launch of a fully automatic trading robot by STEROID

The announcement of the launch of a fully automatic trading robot by STEROID

It’s not a secret that the era of algorithmic trading has come long time ago. Most of the transactions in the financial markets are made by trading robots. And it is logical to assume that this is not just a matter of fact. If more and more transactions are opened by the bots, then it brings profit. And if it brings profit, then you need to use it.
We want to bring to your attention the STEROID service.
It is already functioning and up to now the main functionality has been to provide traders more opportunities for trading, which are not available on the crypto exchanges. For example, you can:
1) Set a simultaneous stop loss and take profit.
2) Set a bunch of different parameters for buying and selling coins, such as trailing, buy after bounce up, etc.
3) Create your own trading robot.
Steroid will release a robot that will fully trade for you until the end of the month. Testing has been conducted for more than 11 months and now everything is completely ready for work. The robot is self-learning and knows how to behave in different market situations. Its main point is an increase the BTC amount. In a falling market, the robot earns from 5 to 10% per month to BTC. In the growing market, profits are many times greater.
Someone can say that there are services that give like 5% per day. Yes, a fair comment, we know many. But how long does the happiness last? We have tested big amount of such services. We have always finished with losses. For a certain number of days there is profit. But later losses always happened. Losses that are much greater than received profit.
Stability is very important in trading. It’s better to earn a little bit, but with minimal risks. (Although we do not believe that 10% profit per month is a bad result). For the long distance, such a strategy is always beneficial.
The service works via the API (without the right to withdraw funds), so your funds are on your account on the exchange. It is safe.
All you need to do is:

  1. Register: Trial period for 14 days is for free and no billing information is required.
  2. Connect your account to the exchange in the settings.
  3. Subscribe to the telegram channel and wait for the news, as the function is not available yet.

STEROID has prepared a large promo. The first 200 users who will pay for subscription will get automatic trading mode for free for the period of subscription payment.

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