Tezotopia Teams Up With Gavin Maloof To Build Virtual Vegas Metaverse ‘Metzopia’

Tezotopia Teams Up With Gavin Maloof To Build Virtual Vegas Metaverse 'Metzopia'

Gavin Maloof, a Vegas billionaire, and entrepreneur has partnered up with Tezotopia, a popular blockchain game, to build the “Entertainment Capital of the Metaverse” in a project called metaverse Metzopia, which will open on the Tezos Blockchain.

The Virtual Vegas Metaverse

Metzopia, dubbed “Virtual Vegas,” would combine clubs, casinos, events, shows, and special NFT drops into a metaverse playland where guests can pay a visit, buy a penthouse for permanent residency, or become the entertainment themselves.

Tezotopia’s developer, Joab Garza, describes it as “an escape from the routine, a getaway holiday just a click away.” Major brands, casinos, artists, and performers are now being onboarded by Maloof and his associates to join forces in offering a variety of unique entertainment alternatives to Metzopia tourists.

Tezotopia Founder Joab Garza stated that:

“We want our version of the metaverse to be where all the action is, we want it to be less of a second life, and more of a place you visit for the enjoyment of the experience,”.


Tezotopia’s Bridge

Tezotopia players will be able to link their profiles to Metzopia, giving them early access to the world as it develops. Metzopia will be an addition to Tezotopia’s ever-expanding ecology, combining all in-game assets as well as collectible NFTs into this exciting new virtual environment.

Mezotopia is still looking for additional brand partners, and anyone interested should send an email to the project. (metzopia@gif.games) Here’s where you can learn more about the intriguing new NFT initiative. Metzopia is set to launch in the third quarter of 2022.