TETRA PAY (TPAY) TOKEN – The Multi-utility nature of TPAY Tokens

TETRA PAY (TPAY) TOKEN - The Multi-utility nature of TPAY Tokens

As cryptocurrency use is starting to grow, more and more businesses are starting to be more receptive to the concept and implementing them into their ecosystem.

What started off as an experimental branch of cryptography, cryptocurrency has slowly gained massive worldwide traction. Thanks to bitcoin’s massive surcharge of value in 2017, cryptocurrencies have been making headlines for the greater part of this decade. Offering users a decentralized currency has helped them secure their assets and cash in on the opportune moment. As the world slowly shifts its attention to the acceptance of cryptocurrency as a major medium of financial exchange, the world was introduced to TPAY tokens 2021, in an effort of providing a decentralized digital currency that will help them move towards a more financially independent future. TPAY tokens were introduced by Tetra Pay International INC based on the blockchain protocol. 

With its roots based in Wilmington in Germany, Tetra Pay International is the undisputed leader in the field of forex trading and luxury transportation. A successful investment from some of the biggest investors has helped Tetra Pay to be successful in its realm and with the diligence and vigor of the CEO, Highphill Mathews, TPAY tokens are to be the new revolution in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. TPAY Tokens are based on the BEP 20 protocol of the BNB blockchain which allows it to retain all the benefits of its parent token, proving it to be a multi-utility token. This article will shed light on the multiutility nature of TPAY tokens and why it has been hailed as the next big revolution in the cryptocurrency space.

Acceptance in major sectors: As the internet is slowly changing the way we transact; more and more businesses are getting receptive to cryptocurrency. A few years back, this seemed to be quite implausible, however, times do really have changed. Presently, several industries and sectors have started to accept major cryptocurrencies as a legit form of payment allowing for wider adoption. With TPAY tokens, users can now easily make regular payments as well as send and receive money from any source as long as they have a digital wallet to hold their TPAY tokens. This allows for a wider adoption among users, which in turn will encourage new users and sectors to join in on the action.

Use TPAY tokens to make online bets: Online betting has started to gain a lot of attention in the last few years and the pandemic that swept all across the globe acting as a fuel of growth for the online betting industry. As newer names started to pop up every day across the internet, most of the prominent bookmakers started to accept cryptocurrencies as a legit payment method allowing for more inclusion of users and the crypto market in the betting scene. Now enjoy your favorite casino games and bet on your favorite teams all using TPAY tokens without having to burden your wallet.


Use TPAY tokens for online shopping: Online shopping and e-commerce are ubiquitous these days. With the pandemic defining the need for online vendors for shopping, these organizations have also understood the importance of including cryptocurrency in their payment suite. Owing to the rapid adoption of cryptocurrency by the users and their demand for payments made in cryptocurrency, many big online brands have shifted their focus into accommodating these demands to ensure users of all tastes are included.

If you like our product goal. Then you can join us by investing in this future-proof cryptocurrency, you can participate in the IEOs which are being held across major exchanges. One of the most remarkable exchanges to offer TPAY IEOs is ProBit. Below is a detailed schedule of the different phases of the IEO on ProBit.

The first round of affairs started from the 2nd of July at 12:00 KST and will conclude on the 6th of July at 12:00 KST with a bonus rate of 15 percent for PROB and 10 percent for other currencies. With a minimum purchase quantity of 1 TPAY while the maximum bar is set at 2,000,000 TPAY including any sales bonus. The price is allotted $0.25. Then follows round 2, which is set to begin on the 9th of July at 15:00 KST and will end on the 15th of July at 15:00 KST. The bonus rates for PROB and other quote currencies are set at 15 percent and 10 percent respectively with the minimum transaction set at 1 TPAY while the maximum is set at 2,000,000 TPAY which includes any sales bonus. The price for the second round is set at $0.30. The third and last round of the TPAY IEO is scheduled to start from the 16th of July at 15:00 KST and will last till the 21st of July at 15:00 KST with a rate of $0.35. Bonus rates are similar to the first and second rounds and the minimum transaction bar is set at 1 TPAY while the max amount is set at 2,000,000 TPAY tokens including any sales bonus. So join hands with our team to have a secure future.

Besides ProBit, LATOKEN is also a website where you can get access to invest in cryptocurrency. The dates will be scheduled for the purchase of different phases of the IEO on LATOKEN. The phrases are divided into two rounds. The first round of affairs started on the 17 th of June. The price is allotted at $ 0.25 per. With a token sale of 25,000,000. The second round of affairs has started from 1st July to 15th July of this year. The price is allotted at $0.35 per. With a token sale of 25,000,000.

To get more information, visit https://tpaytoken.io/