TABANK Revolutionizing the Financial Services Sector with its One-Stop Crypto Ecosystem

TABANK Revolutionizing the Financial Services Sector with its One-Stop Crypto Ecosystem

With an integrated digital banking platform, TABANK, a Singapore-based crypto firm is leveraging blockchain technology to offer high quality and secure financial services solutions to a varied range of institutional as well as personal finance requirements in its One-Stop Crypto Ecosystem for All Needs Ecommerce, Wallet, Exchanges Crypto, Social network app. Also, the app is in development and hopefully, the team will launch it in August 2021.

The astronomical growth of blockchain technology has taken the world by storm, and cryptocurrency is by far the most potent application of this advanced and cutting-edge technology. With blockchain as the foundation, several organizations have released their own cryptocurrencies. While few have had enormous success, others are still figuring out a way to leverage blockchain’s transparent, immutable, and secure nature to deliver real-time and effective applications. In this context, Singapore-based crypto firm Tabank has released a unique crypto-oriented financial services solution that caters to a wide range of industries. The platform is designed in a manner that allows trading, investments, online payments, savings, lending, among several other functionalities, all while offering top-class security, privacy, and speed. 

TABANK – What makes it unique? 

TABANK is a global online digital banking platform that offers end-to-end financial solutions. However, all its offerings are integrated under the same platform, as a result of which users are no longer obligated to shuffle across multiple junctions to access the features. Built on the Tomo Chain Blockchain, TABANK offers several facilities to its users including but not limited to trading, financial investments, lending, and saving, etc. The platform is built to offer convenient financial services through the use of digital currencies, and the in-house token named TAB fuels all the operations within TABANK. 

Interestingly, TABANK is well-suited for anyone and everyone, even if they are not accustomed to the usage of digital currencies for financial operations. The platform’s seamless user interface clubbed with a highly secure and transparent framework makes it one of the most prominent financial services solutions in today’s blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. Furthermore, TABANK is extremely versatile as it caters to a wide range of industries including – Banking, real estate, hotel, tourism, e-commerce, investment channels, media, service and entertainment channels, etc. In a nutshell, TABANK is a futuristic platform that is revolutionizing the financial services sector through the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies by offering a differentiated experience for the users. 

The TAB Token

TAB is a TRC-21 token built on the advanced 3rd generation blockchain framework named Tomo Chain. It fuels all kinds of features, solutions, and offerings that TABANK has to offer. Moreover, the incorporation of TAB in the TABANK ecosystem through the highly advanced Proof of Stake mechanism makes it extremely scalable, and thus fit for mainstream adoption. TABANK has addressed the issues related to the lack of scalability in previous blockchain-based financial solutions, and hence it is arguably the most viable platform for large-scale financial operations which caters to both individuals as well as institutional users. 


TABANK has made it extremely easy for users to store and access their TAB tokens for using the features available on the platform. They can store these tokens on trusted crypto wallets like Trust Wallet and TOMO wallet to ensure utmost security. With fast and cheap methods to use TABANK, it has the potential to be the go-to financial services solution, especially when it can process up to 2000 transactions per second. 

Now, Tabank in ico time(raise funding), and developing ecommerce, exchanges crypto p2p app, and will launching from August 2021

Winding Up

With all the above-mentioned processes and frameworks in place, TABANK primarily operates in three main areas – investments, digital assets mortgage, and issuance of digital currency TAB. With these, it aims to be an alternative, scalable, efficient, and equitable financial system that enables sustainable financial activities while ensuring profit maximization. TABANK’S overall objective is to connect more than 36,000,000 people under one single platform and offer them top-notch crypto-oriented financial services. 

‘For TABANK, innovation is not only about technology, but also creativity and revolution in the minds of the users’ – Company Statement

With innumerable applications in the financial services sector, TABANK is well on track to effectively deliver an end-to-end crypto-based platform that caters to a wide range of use cases. To know more about TABANK and how to get associated with the platform, please visit

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