Swiss-based Blockchain Startup Creates Innovative Vehicle Insurance System

Swiss-based Blockchain Startup Creates Innovative Vehicle Insurance System

Kasko2go has developed its innovative, first of its kind blockchain-powered automobile insurance system.
The firm utilizes military grade Artificial intelligence and telematics to reward drivers who drive safely with a decentralized app that makes it easy for them to pay their car insurance with crypto.
In a nutshell, the app creates an avenue for drivers to pay for their auto insurance in a smooth, safe and transparent way.
Starting from April 30, 2018, users will be able to pay for their car insurance in crypto with Kasko2go auto insurance app.
Kasko2go is a groundbreaking insurance solution. The firm is focused on creating an ecosystem filled with safe drivers and to make safe driving a norm in the society.
Kasko2go app belongs to ax usage insurance and offers great benefits such as excellent risk management, better fraud analysis, and improved driver safety.
The system is modeled after the Israeli counter-terrorism systems and Israeli military grade AI systems.
It comes with in-built Link Analyser, Open source Intelligence, Visual intelligence, signal and image processing abilities and much more.
The team firmly believes that the Kasko2go solution is the world’s most accurate technology that can entirely mitigate the problem of fraud, improve the driving and insurance ecosystems.
Kasko2go is looking to attract at least 1 million unique clients within a period of three years, using its innovative systems.
The Kasko2go tokens act as a highly functional tool for the encouragement of new clients, attracting fresh ones and minimizing the cost of CAC by roughly ten times.
Kasko2go has set aside 100 million tokens for customer encouragement and EUR 5.7 million for marketing and other promotions.
The team is optimistic that the funds will help them attract at least 400 million customers, which would have cost them over EUR 200 million in traditional insurance CAC.
Kasko2go Token
Just like every other blockchain-based systems, the Kasko2go token will be the native crypto for all transactions on the platform.
The K2G token is valued at EUR 0.10 during the presale. Once the presale ends, the price of the token will be determined by market factors.
Participants in the event can purchase the K2G USD, EUR, BTC, and ETH. Holders of the K2G token will have exclusive access to the platform.

About Kasko2go

Kasko2go is an innovative platform focused on making automobile insurance a seamless process for drivers. The system boasts of a cutting-edge AI technology. The Kasko2go team is determined to revolutionize the insurance ecosystem.
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