Swapnex Enables Arbitrage Trading Across Multiple Exchanges

Swapnex Allowing Arbitrage Trading Across Multiple Exchanges

Swapnex, a multifunctional arbitrage trading platform, allows traders to get the best prices across different exchanges.

Swapnex combines cryptocurrency prices from multiple exchanges allowing traders to get the best prices in the market.  By design, the platform consolidates popular crypto exchanges into a single website. As a result, account owners have access to more than ten crypto exchanges, numerous boosters, manual and auto trading tools, among other features.  Some of the notable exchanges on the platform include Coinbase, Binance, Bithumb, Kraken, etc. 

The Swapnex website reads in part:

“Swapnex allows traders to sell and buy crypto within seconds at several currency exchanges concurrently. We placed all the widely used currency exchanges on one website allowing traders to open and close orders for the most beneficial prices quickly.”

Notably, Swapnex allows traders to open and close orders on several trading platforms. Users on the platform can either trade manually or automatically. Swapnex provides an automated trading experience through the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Through AI, traders have to select a trading pair, enter a trade amount and allow the trading bots to do all the heavy lifting. Notably, Swapnex’s AI-powered system automatically monitors prices across numerous exchanges. The system then determines the best time and price to place the orders for the traders. 


The platform also offers account owners an opportunity to upgrade their accounts, allowing them access to additional advanced features. Some of these features include increased referral money, lowered trading website commissions, and speed up orders. For the free account, traders are allowed one order per day, access to three exchanges, and a 24 hour order processing time. In addition, account owners can update their free accounts to either the start package, the Personal package, or the professional package. Tok upgrade, traders will pay a small fee of $50, $150, and $300, respectively. 

In addition to transparency, Swapnex provides advantaged security for its users. Swapnex PTY LTD is officially registered in Australia. We are headquartered in Syndey. Swapnex has all the necessary permits to be engaged in cryptocurrency arbitrage trading. 

In the coming days, Swapnex plans to incorporate a new language version for its website,m launch a Swapnex currency exchange, and improve and create new technical tools for arbitrage trading.