SureX Ushers in a new era of public finance as it unleashes new forms of Defi acquisition

SureX Revolutionizes DeFi Trading, Set to Lower Barriers for Entry

SureX, the world’s first derivative trading platform that combines staking, copy trading, and social features, is ushering in a new era of public finance with its innovative approach to DeFi investing. Amid the unstable and bearish cryptocurrency market, SureX has gained momentum by providing low barriers to entry and beginner-friendly financial management services, attracting over 30,000 registered users and nearly a hundred real-money trading experts in just six months.

Although there was a notable shift in focus from Defi derivatives to NFTs and the Metaverse in 2020, recent developments have seen a resurgence of interest in Defi, with layer 2 solutions and expansion efforts taking center stage. The first quarter of 2023 saw a 37.44% increase in the total locked-in value of Defi, indicating renewed momentum despite high barriers to entry. 

As such, SureX understands that low barriers to entry have become necessary for product development to enable more people to participate in Defi projects. Hence it has sought to facilitate this with its project.

“With SureX, we aim to lower the barriers for entry into DeFi investing and provide a user-friendly platform that combines staking, copy trading, and social features,” said John Smith, CEO of SureX. “We believe that our innovative approach to DeFi investing will revolutionize the industry and empower more people to participate in the world of decentralized finance.”

SureX and its Exclusive Features

One of the key features of SureX is its multi-asset staking and financial management system, which allows users to stake their stablecoins and earn a 21% annualized return, providing a passive income stream. It operates as a financial management platform with a unique copy trading and staking system that allows even zero-experience users to confidently select high-quality strategy providers from nearly a hundred options. The platform’s copy trading system is transparent and traceable, with traders’ qualifications verified before admission, and live trading required. SureX protects newcomers in the crypto field from significant losses by requiring traders to engage in live trading and not engaging in maliciously losing customers’ funds. The platform’s professional trading team is available 24/7 to handle monitoring, allowing investors to focus on their work and withdraw profits and principal at the end of the tracking period


SureX also offers a unique copy trading system, where traders are strictly reviewed by the platform and their trading history is transparent and publicly available. This allows novice users to confidently select from a pool of high-quality strategy providers and automatically copy their trades, protecting newcomers from potential losses and leveraging the expertise of experienced traders.

In addition to its user-friendly features, SureX has introduced a dual-token economic model with governance and dividend tokens. The dividend token, called SLT, is permanently tied to USDT and can be exchanged 1:1 at any time. It is designed to distribute profits generated by the exchange to token holders, providing an incentive for long-term value retention.

The governance token is called ST, and it can be used for voting, managing, and supervising the operation and development of the exchange. SureX has a huge community matrix and strives to meet the diverse needs of users’ ecological experience in different countries and regions worldwide. As a representative of “CeFi teams” in the exchange industry, SureX aims to play a leading role in the development of DeFi and derivatives to create new wealth legends.

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SureX’s unique features and user-friendly approach have gained traction in the bear market, as evidenced by the platform’s growing user base and increasing total locked-in value. The platform’s intuitive mobile app and website make it easy for anyone to enter the world of DeFi and participate in its investment strategies, earning up to 20% annual return without the need for extensive knowledge or experience in cryptocurrencies.