Superorder Introduces Crypto Trading Bots Marketplace

Superorder Introduces Crypto Trading Bots Marketplace

Superorder, an API-based crypto trading terminal focused on automation, had recently launched trading bots. They’re designed to boost the automation and simplify trading at all. 

Users can rent bots in the Marketplace now. Right now, there are three options: 

  1. For quick scalp trades 
  2. For long-term long trades
  3. For long-term short trades

All bots are available for XBT/USD pair at BitMEX. Users can access margin trading with leverage from 5x to 25x. Reportedly, win rates are up to 83%. Plus, each bot features detailed statistics, including profitability and trading history. 

The uniqueness of Superorder crypto bots is in their algorithms based on the trading strategies designed by experts and other platform users. All strategies are tested and optimized by the team. 

Superorder is a Ukrainian-American startup that develops the terminal for automated crypto trading. With it, traders can combine orders into strategies and run them automatically at Binance, Bittrex, and BitMEX. Additionally, it’s easy to expand the functionality of exchanges using advanced order types like Trailing Stops. 


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