Successful Blockchain Companies Create the Gagarin Expert Platform for Project Incubation and IDO Launch

Successful Blockchain Companies Create the Gagarin Expert Platform for Project Incubation and IDO Launch

The Gagarin platform is a new crypto launchpad created by UCapital and RSquad. Both companies are experienced participants in the blockchain market and have achieved success in this field. The market appreciated the prospects of the project and in just a month more than 20 funds supported the project. About 40 crypto projects have been requested to be launched on the site and 4 projects are launched by the community sale from the end of April – to the beginning of May.

Unreal Capital

UCapital is a community-driven venture fund that has invested in dozens of projects. There are over 1,800 members in the community. The Fund has raised over $5 million and last month invested in the following projects: Battle Saga, FOTA, EYWA, ShibaFriendNFT, MetaWear, MetaFighter, and others.


RSquad is an experienced team specializing in the development of blockchains and decentralized applications for 5 years. There are more than 30 specialists on the team.


RSquad has worked with a number of blockchains: Ethereum, Solana, Binance, Avalanche, Everscale, and Polygon. The team has been involved in the development of many projects: Crypterium, Broxus, AdGram, Ever Surf, Stoken, Cryptoindex, and more than 70 others.

Gagarin Platform

«We realized that the launchpad is an important tool for further development of the projects we support, as well as an opportunity to provide our community of private investors with professionally selected promising projects», said Pavel Caplin, CEO of Unreal Capital.

The Gagarin platform is a crypto launchpad for project incubation and IDO launch. The platform relies on the resources of its community of experts and investors. More than 100 specialists from different fields work on the selection of startups and their launches so that investments in crypto projects are reliable.

For Crypto Projects

The platform provides any project (game, defi, etc.) at any stage of its development (from idea to fundraising) with everything they may need: financial and legal assistance, blockchain development and audit, marketing, and PR.

For Investors

The platform provides small individual investors with opportunities to access promising projects at an early stage.

The platform provides expert analysis of projects and offers only reliable and promising options. It allows individual investors to make well-informed investment decisions.

The technical solution of the launchpad is based on verified smart contracts, which makes the process transparent for investors. Through the platform interface, users can:

  • receive results of project technical expertise;
  • participate in project development marketing programs;
  • monitor the process of technical completion of projects and their further development;
  • participate in IDO projects;
  • stake tokens and receive rewards from the platform.

Current activity

Gagarin has already launched a private round. Everyone can buy GGR tokens on through an automated system built on smart contracts.

The Gagarin platform invites investors to try out their tool and take part in the upcoming token sale.

In the near future, IDOs of three projects are going to be launched on the platform: on the 21 of April – Oracula, EYWA, and Witly at the beginning of MAy. More information about the projects can be found on the website

At the current stage of Gagarin launchpad development, the token sale will be carried out without its native GGR token and staking. Users need to pass KYC and complete social tasks.




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