Stellar Plans To Give Away 2 Billion XLM In Its Biggest Ever Airdrop

Stellar Launches Promising Developments But XLM Struggles To Breach Resistances Price-Wise

It’s a piece of good news for crypto lovers as one of the most prolific crypto projects announces a massive airdrop to start soon. The Stellar Development Foundation plans to give away a total of 2 billion XLM worth a whopping $120 million. Stellar has partnered with Keybase to realize this objective. Keybase is a hub that hosts a community and offers free file transfer and messaging services. 

As a way to demonstrate the new partnership in the airdrop deal, the offer will be mainly targeted at Keybase users. In that case, the free XLM will draw more attention to Keybase and ultimately lead to the expansion of its user-base. 

100 Million Per Month

The plan is to airdrop around 100 million XLM to Keybase users over the course of 20 months, making the total XLM airdropped a cool 2 billion XLM tokens.

In this case, a good majority of Keybase users are expected to benefit from the free cryptos. At the moment, Keybase boasts around 300,000 user accounts, and that’s expected to increase exponentially as more users come in. 

Will It Continue?

At the moment, the initial airdrop is planned to run for 20 months, and it’s still unclear whether it will be extended beyond that time limit. However, there are conditions that, if met, could help keep the fire burning. According to Cathy Corwin from Inkhouse, the airdrop may well be extended beyond 20 months if it brings the desired results. Inkhouse is the official PR agency for Keybase. 


The primary goal for the program is to increase XLM’s fan base and shore up the crypto’s adoption.

Also, the airdrop would make XLM ownership a bit fairer in terms of distribution. Indeed, there have been claims that a great percentage of XLM is in the hands of a few people. Also, SDF holds around 40% of XLM’s total supply, and the airdrop is a good way to inject the coins into the market.