Splinterlands Blockchain-Backed Game Announces Sell Out Of 1.5M Untamed Edition Booster Packs

Splinterlands Blockchain-Backed Game Announces Sell Out Of 1.5M Untamed Edition Booster Packs

Splinterlands, a blockchain-based collectible card game, has just announced that its Untamed Edition booster packs are completely sold out. The edition offered a total of 1.5 million NFT packs each at $2, all of which were depleted by Friday, June 11.

Owing to its popularity as one of the most proactive and rewarding games, the game saw a substantial increase in sales in the few days preceding the sellout. The last 48 hours were marked by a sell rate of over 2500 packs per hour.

Unopened packs can, however, still be purchased from the game’s third-party peer-to-peer markets on the Hive-Engine (Hive blockchain) and the Atomic Hub (WAX blockchain). The Splinterlands shop will no longer sell core booster packs until it releases the Chaos Legion edition during the year.

Increased growth has necessitated that new players buy individual cars sold on the Splinterlands in-game marketplace. They can also obtain packs from the DICE series limited edition, where about 150,000 packs are available.

Splinterlands has stated that it can no longer maintain the constant $2 price per Untamed Edition packs since unopened packs and individual cards now belong to players and collectors. The game community will henceforth be the sole determinant of the assets’ value on peripheral markets.


Sell out of NFT land plots for the forthcoming Splinterlands land expansion followed by the booster packs sell out in quick succession. The expansion, to be unveiled in 2021 Q4, will give players the privilege to mint an individual item in addition to spelling the card game’s functional NFTs.

Adding to the chain of events is Splinterlands’ plan to add a new governance token named Splintershards (SPS). The new token’s Whitepaper has details on the development of an SPS decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will allow player governance. It will also allow private token selling to the game’s new promoters and partners, an airdrop for all players and collectors, the execution of a new staking system, among other items. SPS token release is scheduled for July this year.

Founded in 2018, the fantasy card game Splinterlands was one of the first games utilizing blockchain-powered NFTs as within-the-game assets. This smoothed the way for game players to own, earn and trade crypto and NFTs, which are increasingly being accepted mainstream.

Having held over 60 million matches in total, Splinterlands has awarded its players millions of dollars in NFTs and crypto-assets. The game takes great pride in handling over 600,000 blockchain transactions daily, growing its reputation as one of the most active blockchain-backed games in the world.