SP8DE Will Disrupt the Distributed Gaming Ecosystem


SP8DE which is a decentralized platform for gaming distributed applications is poised to change the way people think about the Game of Chance.
The gaming industry is facing quite many challenges and also has a limitation in  design. There is hardly a centralized system that can be fully trusted to offer best services. Licenses and frequent auditing of centralized systems cannot provide any assurance because the processes involved are orchestrated on an industrial scale.
When it comes to the issue of finance, centralized systems cannot be trusted.  Decentralized systems are based on the code. Codes are unbiased and are not prone to greed; it offers transparency and cannot be manipulated.
In the blockchain, there is nothing but blocks. The scalability and game design issues are yet another challenge that blockchain-based casinos have to overcome.
SP8DE is the platform ready to solve every single issue that is known in the on-chain gaming space. SP8DE is built on the Cardano platform, a Proof-of-Stake blockchain protocol.
SP8DE will ensure distributed randomness that is fair by-design.
Also, SP8DE is a system anybody with a viable idea can implement as a distributed application and can be broadcasted through the blockchain ecosystem.
SP8DE has various economic incentives that will motivate developers to create many applications. The developers’ rewards are directly proportional to the popularity of their games.
The Sp8de ecosystem embodies the ideals of a smooth, frictionless market, with fairness and transparency. SP8DE is built for high quality.
To join the ICO visit: www.sp8de.com
Read Whitepaper: www.sp8de.com/sp8de_white_paper.pdf
Meet the team: www.linkedin.com/in/evgeny-borchers-53906168/
Email: ace@sp8de.com
Bitcoin Talk: www.bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2659341

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