Solid Invest Review – All You Need To Know About

Solid Invest Review – All You Need To Know About

There is not a lot to say about online brokers that provide you with cryptocurrency trading. The most important thing that one can say is that there are still not enough trustable online brokers to provide you with robust cryptocurrency trading. In many cases, you will end up with people who are not brokers and they don’t even provide you with any way of trading cryptocurrencies. They are just scammers and they are best at scamming you and taking away your money in the name of digital currency trading. Is there really a broker that you can trust for cryptocurrency trading? 

Well, there is one that has risen to fame in recent years, and its name is Solid Invest. You can tell from the name that this broker is all about solid investments, and there is no investment more solid than cryptocurrencies right now. These currencies might be the only ones you will be using in the future. For that reason, you have millions of people putting their fiat currency to use to buy digital coins. If you are interested in doing cryptocurrency trading with confidence and a sense of security, you have Solid Invest as one of the best options to pick from. 

This Solid Invest review will help you know the best things about this broker and bring you all the reasons why you should trust this broker for robust cryptocurrency trading. 

Solid Invest as a Trustable Online Cryptocurrency Broker

  • A Personal Bookkeeper

This particular feature from this broker is going to surprise you because you will not get it elsewhere on the internet. There are many online brokers providing you with what they claim to be the best cryptocurrency trading services, but they don’t offer you anything like it. So, when you sign up with Solid Invest, you will have a bookkeeper to help you with a lot of things that you will need help with as a new trader. You might not realize it in the beginning, but you will need a lot of help from the experts when you just start trading. Even the most basic trading decisions will require you to get some help from the experts. 

When you sign up with other brokers, they don’t offer you any service like this. You just pick an account, deposit money in your account, and learn everything on your own. Of course, you will get a lot of help through the training material that the broker will give you access to but that’s not enough. The training material can teach you a lot of stuff, but it can never give you the confidence that you need while trading. You would still want someone to be by your side to tell you what trading decisions you should take and why you should be trading certain assets at a particular time. 


It does not matter which account you pick when you sign up with Solid Invest. This broker is going to give you the help that really matters to new traders when they sign up with a broker for the first time. Do you want to know which trading strategy will be best for you in a particular market condition? Well, you have the personal bookkeeper providing you with all that help. In addition to that, the bookkeeper will also help you pick the assets that will be best according to your trading style. You will not find any other broker that provides with such an amazing service for new traders. 

  • Segregated Funds 

You will always find some indicators and signs that will tell you that you have signed up with the right broker. One of those signs is the segregated funds that the broker will maintain for you. Here, it is important for you to know why you need segregated funds. So, here’s what can happen when you sign up with an online broker. Since it is an online broker, you will not have access to it physically. In most cases, you only have a relation with the broker through the internet. When something goes wrong, there are financial regulatory authorities that take action against the broker. They monitor the broker and make sure that it is compliant with all the regulations of the industry. 

However, when this authority starts investigation, there are high chances that the broker’s accounts would be frozen. The regulatory authority has to make sure that the broker is not able to conduct any financial transactions while the investigation is in process. Now, if your deposited money is in the same account that has been frozen, you won’t be able to access it. In other words, you will be paying the price for doing nothing wrong. That’s where you can understand the importance of segregated funds. Segregated funds mean that the broker has put your money in accounts that are separate from its own account. 

If an investigation starts to scrutinize the processes and activities of the broker, and the accounts of the broker get frozen, you will still have access to your account and the money you have in it. That’s because your money is in separate accounts that are not the personal property of the broker. So, when you sign up with a broker, you have to make sure that your funds are kept in segregated funds. This makes your money secure even if the broker gets investigated for any matter. 

  • Encrypted Data  

You must not forget that there is a lot of personal information that you have to give out when you sign up with an online broker. Here, you must also realize that only the right broker will ask you for all this information. If your broker does not ask you for this information, you can be sure that you are not signing up with the right one. Only a scammer will ignore this important step in the signup process because they don’t care who signs up on their trading platform. They will even let money launderers sign up on their trading platform. 

However, if you are a legitimate trader who wants to start a trading career, you would not mind providing all the information on the website, but you will still have to worry about the safety of your information. Solid Invest will take care of your information through encryption. The broker has SSL certificates installed on the website, which means that your information will be protected as soon as you provide it on the website. You will always have to confirm with the broker if there is encryption on the website. If there is no SSL certification, you can be sure that the broker is not protecting your information. 

  • Affordable Trading 

As a new trader, you want the trading conditions to be in your favor. When you are new to the trading world, you are already pretty far from achieving your financial goals. You want to do everything to make sure that you achieve your financial goals fast. Now, if the broker is charging you huge commissions on your trades, you will end up making very little profit on your trades. That’s often the case when you sign up with brokers that don’t care about your financial goals. However, you will be happy to know that Solid Invest will provide you with some great affordable trading. 

The commissions on the trades are fixed and they will not affect your profits much. When you enter a trade and your position is confirmed on the trading platform, you have to prepare to pay a commission of just 0.82%. You can see that this is a very small percentage that the broker is taking from you on your trade. That’s not even one percent of the amount that you are investing in the trade. That’s the kind of broker you need when you want to achieve your financial goals fast. This will allow you to make huge commissions on your profits. The profits you make will go mostly in your pocket. 

You have to keep in mind that when the brokers have small commissions on your trades, you make great earnings on your positions. Of course, you have to make sure that you enter successful trades. That’s the only way for you to make money. However, you can be thankful to your broker that it is letting you make a lot of money on your trades by not charging you a lot of commission. 

  • Plenty of Cryptocurrency Options

One of the biggest challenges you will face when you sign up with online brokers is that they won’t provide you with cryptocurrency trading. A lot of online brokers provide you with forex currency pair trading, commodity trading, and stock trading. These same brokers provide you with cryptocurrency trading as well. The problem with these brokers is that they usually do not have a lot of cryptocurrency options. If you are a trader who is interested in trading digital coins, you definitely want a lot of options. 

There is a misconception that millions of traders have around the world about cryptocurrencies. People think that the online cryptocurrency trading world is all about trading Bitcoin, but that’s not the case at all. There are many different types of cryptocurrencies that you can trade with this broker. These cryptocurrencies will provide you with a lot of options of trading in the cryptocurrency world. You will not be trading so easily and freely when you sign up with other brokers, as they provide you with Bitcoin and Ethereum trading only. 

There is no doubt that these are the major cryptocurrencies, but they are not the only ones. You can trade a variety of cryptocurrencies with this broker and enjoy the freedom of diversifying your portfolio. If you don’t know already, you can trade ZCash, Dash, Litecoin, Ripple, Monero, and many other cryptocurrencies after signing up with this broker. Usually, you don’t have so many cryptocurrencies available to you and you are stuck with the major ones. However, if you explore this market, you will realize that these cryptocurrencies are very sustainable and provide you with some safe investment options if you know what you are doing. 

  • Perfect Trading Platform 

The trading platform that you will get access to when you sign up with Solid Invest is something you are going to admire. You have to know a few things here if you want to trade successfully. First of all, your trading platform matters a lot if you want to be successful with your trades because if your trading platform is not a good one, you are going to get harmed in many different ways. For example, you will have to spend several months understanding how the trading platform works. That’s not good because as a new trader, you want to focus on understand how trading works as a whole. You don’t want to waste your time in understanding the software. 

Additionally, you have to realize that the cryptocurrency market is a new market. There are millions of people around the world who want to trade digital assets, but they don’t know what they are all about. When they trade cryptocurrencies, they have to start from the very basics. First, they have to wrap their head around the concept of cryptocurrencies. Only after doing that are they able to take part in trading properly. So, when you have two things to learn i.e. trading and cryptocurrencies, you don’t want to spend time learning another completely different aspect, which is the trading platform in this particular case. 

So, you will love the simple user interface that you will get with the trading platform from this broker. In addition to that, you will like the idea that the trading platform is scalable as per your needs. You will not have to switch your broker just because you want to have some scalability options in your trading platform. If you continue to switch your devices, you will still not have any problem in using this trading platform because you have access to it on any device that you own. You can use the trading platform on your smartphone and computer without any issues. In other words, you will be able to use the platform wherever you are if you just have an internet connection. 

  • Great Customer Support 

The most important thing for you as a new trader is to have someone to help you when you face problems with your online trading account or the trading platform as a whole. You might think that everything will go smoothly but that’s not the case when you are dealing with technological elements. Your trading platform is running in real time and there are many tools integrated onto the trading platform. This means an issue can happen at any time. In addition to that, trading is all about financial transactions. You will be depositing and withdrawing money throughout your trading career. 

For this reason, you want your broker to provide you with ease and convenience in these processes. You want things to be easy when you deposit money or when you withdraw it. However, when you have some problem with any of these processes, you have to look toward the customer support of the company. The customer service center of the company can provide you with all the help that you need. The professionals at the customer support department of the broker can help you understand how the trading platform works or what’s wrong with your trading account. 

When you sign up with Solid Invest, you will have access to customer support during the work days. You can access the customer support department of the broker from 9am to 7pm. The broker will take care of you from Monday to Friday. When you need help, you can send an email to the broker and get a reply as soon as possible. You can also use the contact form right on the website of the broker to get in touch and send in your inquiries. 

  • Easy Deposits and Withdrawals 

Deposits and withdrawals are not going to be a problem when you sign up with this broker. When you sign up with an online broker, you want banking to be easy. Depositing money in your account should never be a problem, but that’s not the case with every online broker. There are online brokers that require you to spend even more money when you deposit money in your account. Yes, you are right if you guessed the broker charges you commissions and service fees for depositing money in your account. The same goes when you are looking to withdraw money from your account. 

You can use the safest methods that are available to fund your account and withdraw money from it. Which method you pick depends on your requirements. So, if you are looking to deposit money fast in your account, you should go with the credit card option. The money might appear in your account almost instantly when you use this method to deposit money in your account. However, if you are not in a hurry in terms of depositing money in your account, but you want the whole transaction to be safe, you should go with the bank wire transfer option. 

The broker has provided you with both options so you can pick the one that meets your requirements the most. On top of that, you can perform these transactions with ease because there are no commissions for you to pay. 

  • The Five Amazing Accounts 

There are five different accounts that you can sign up with when you are with this broker. The broker has come up with these accounts to make things easy for you. It does not matter whether you are new to trading or you have spent your lifetime in trading assets, you will love the trading accounts from the broker. You will notice that the broker has thought about every type of trader before creating these accounts. If you are a new trader and you are on a budget, you will love the explorer account from the broker which you can open with just a small amount of $1000. 

This small amount will allow you to be in the online trading world and trade the cryptocurrencies of your choice. Of course, you will not be missing out on any important features that professional traders take advantage of when they sign up with the most expensive accounts. What you are going to love about this broker is that it provides you with a first deposit bonus as well. This allows you to get more money in your account when you sign up with the broker. If you sign up with the basic account, you will have a huge 30% bonus only for signing up with the broker. That’s a unique bonus that you might not get with other online brokers. 

Now, if you think that you qualify for an account which is not purely for new traders, you can go with the basic account. This is the second account in the list and you can open it with a small deposit of just $2000. Again, it is a very small amount that will allow you to trade with some additional perks while enjoying the amazing benefits of CFD trading with one of the best brokers in the world. You will be surprised to know that there will be a personal analyst to help you with your trades when you sign up with this account. Also, you will be able to take advantage of a private training session when you go with this account. Don’t forget your 50% bonus you will get from the broker for signing up. 

Final Thoughts 

The features that this broker has designed are some of the best you can enjoy when you sign up with an online broker. If you want a solid investment strategy, there is nothing better than signing up with a broker like Solid Invest. You can start with a very small initial deposit, trade on one of the best trading platforms, and learn trading properly from professionals before you put your money at risk. 

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