SnapEx Debuts Single Staking With Up To 140.95% APY

SnapEx Debuts Single Staking With Up To 140.95% APY

The world’s first crypto CFD Platform SnapEx has introduced its lucrative staking service for its native $SNAP token. Holders can benefit from an APY of up to 140.95% and choose two different ways of staking their assets.

SnapEx has become a household name among cryptocurrency trading enthusiasts. 

Founded in 2018 as a derivatives trading platform with a handful of trading pairs, it has now become an industry giant. Moreover, the platform enables new trading pairs to regularly onboard and continues to expand platform-native features and products to enhance the appeal of cryptocurrency. 

SnapEx introduced its SNAP token in 2021. The token launch marked a crucial milestone, enabling SnapEx to become the first crypto CFD trading platform to have a native platform token and complete ecosystem. 

The journey of the $SNAP token continues as SnapEx now lets users stake their holdings. Stakers can lock their assets for 45 days or 90 days, yielding an APY of over 140%. The staking option went live on April 19 and has attracted strong support from token holders. 


Introducing SNAP staking checks off another key milestone for the SnapEx team. In addition, they introduced LP staking and a native launchpad to enhance the accompanying ecosystem further. Both features will see further development throughout May 2022. 

Offering a high APY to SNAP stakers brings more value to the SnapEx utility token. Furthermore, the team will continue to support the community and its ecosystem through SNAP token offerings and drive value and support for all participants.