How Skycoin is Set to Revolutionize the Internet

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The global mistrust of government and internet regulation is at an all-time high. Both your personal and private information is on the line, and if you aren’t worried, you should be.
Big internet service providers are looking for more ways to line their pockets. What better way is there than to take your internet activities?
The most alarming aspect of this idea is that the FCC wants to allow this behavior. Consumers expect more from the trust they put in their government. They have certain expectations that their ISP should provide.
So, why should you care? The more we as consumers allow this to happen, the less private we can keep our lives. Privacy is important. It’s important because not everyone needs to know your business. For example, you’re searching for bankruptcy attorneys. Why should ISPs, marketers, and advertisers know your situation?
It’s a private matter. You own it. They shouldn’t.
Enter Skywire, and the decentralized internet.
What is Skywire Anyway?
Skywire takes the stage as an alternative concept of the internet. The way it works is very simple: it’s a self-sustained network. Unlike your ISP, Skywire won’t hold your speeds and internet needs hostage with big bills.
Skywire uses blockchain technology. It uses blockchain tech to connect global peers together for a common market. Think of Skywire as a fast and secure way of private internet accessibility.
You never have to worry about security concerns. Global peers make the community decisions. The community eliminates threatening nodes.
Mesh networking is at the core foundation of Skywire. This is a classic networking concept. Each node (or you, as an individual) works to cooperate with as many other nodes as possible. This creates a mutual level of trust across the web.
When nodes bounce off of one another node, they are passing along network traffic. When this happens, a peer is providing network resources. This is Skywire mining, and there is special hardware called a Skywire miner.
Mining Skywire for Skycoin
When a peer mines Skywire, they will earn Skycoin. Skycoin is different from other cryptocurrencies and could be considered as the most undervalued cryptocurrency. You earn Skycoin by sharing resources and bandwidth through a miner. When you are consuming network resources, you are spending Skycoin.
Miners that perform with high bandwidth in heavy-traffic areas earn the most. Skywire is the network-incentivized internet. Skycoin is leading the charge in a new generation of cryptocurrency.
Other cryptocurrencies get mined in central pools. These pools have gained in popularity. Any time a market becomes popular, it becomes crowded. The strongest in the crowd become stakeholders. The market is no longer decentralized, and this is very unfortunate.
Skywire fixes that. It brings back the core decentralized concept of the people.
The best part of all? Skywire is in it for the long-haul.
Why We Need Skywire Now More Than Ever
The intentions of the blockchain were to create a diverse and decentralized internet. In recent years, governments have stepped in to do the following: regulate, tighten, and tax.
The net neutrality repeal was the end of an era. It was a large setback for internet consumers. While not something to happen overnight, its affects will impact the future for years to come.
The FCC and internet service providers share mutual benefits. Their actions aren’t in the best interest of the people. They’re in the best interest of themselves. It comes down to two things: money, and power.
Skywire is rolling back to the beginning of the blockchain. A completely decentralized internet for all to enjoy. As history will show, government action results in citizen action. We’re taking back the internet.
The 21st-century individual is one that lives on data. It’s our data, why should we give it all up? Internet freedom should be at the front of policy and benefit.
With Skywire, users get best-in-class encryption. They own their data and can keep their personal lives private.
Looking to the Future
At this rate, Skycoin and its Skywire technology will only continue to grow. ISPs want to continue their burdens on the consumer. Big government has shown that it supports these endeavors. It’s not something we should watch happen.
If you’ve ever read before about the history of the blockchain, you’d likely know that it has always had potential. It has uses for business transactions, social contribution, and openness. These are the driving factors of everyone who participates.
So, why not take this to the next level? Putting Skywire on a global scale means having a global community. We can work together to diminish the strongholds that ISPs have built. If there’s one thing you can count on as a Skywire peer, it’s everyone else in it with you.
The internet as we’ve known it is history. We can do better. We can build a faster, more secure, and stronger one.

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