Skycoin Creates its Net Neutrality Platform with Skyminer

Skycoin has successfully created an energy-efficient blockchain internet hardware, Skyminer.
Skycoin is proud to announce the launch of its Skyminer.  Skyminer is an energy efficient, secure and decentralized mesh internet that is entirely controlled by the user and unaffected by net neutrality.
The hardware can deliver maximum power and high performance while consuming very minimal energy.
Skyminer Specifications
The customized Skyminer hardware is expertly crafted to deliver high performance with low energy consumption. It also serves as a Virtual Private Network (VPN).
Some of the features of Skyminer include:
– Customized PCB boards
-16-port OpenWRT router
-16 GB RAM (32 x 512MB DDR3)
-ARM Cortex -A53 CPU
-8 x 16 GB class- 10 A1 Micro SD
-Hexa-core Mali450 GPU
-LAN Bandwidth: 8 x 100Mbps
-Gigabit Ethernet, 8+1 port switch
-64-bit Linux (Alpine Linux)
Skyminer Runs Skywire
Skywire gives users a blockchain-based super secure internet. It also works as a VPN, enabling users to browse privately. That’s not all when users forward traffic and bandwidth on Skywire using Skyminer; they get rewarded with Skycoin. This incentivizes users to power up the peer-to-peer ecosystem.
Users are required to run a node to access Skywire. Unlike Tor, Skywire is faster and highly secure, and users earn while running their nodes.  The Skycoin system is the best for users tired of corporate ISPs and scam coins.
Skycoin in Brief
Expert bitcoin and ethereum developers built the platform. Skycoin is an entirely private protocol powering the new internet, by giving users the power to contribute to the network, make money and make decisions.
There is no other higher internet revolution than the Skycoin project.
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