Should Colleges Provide In-Depth Courses on Cryptocurrencies in 2019?

The world of cryptocurrency may seem to have a somewhat volatile reputation at the moment, but all signs point to the same conclusion. The driving technology behind it, Blockchain, has enough influence, and potential for insertion into such a broad variety of markets, it’s time to start taking it a bit more seriously.

What that means is that there is a growing need for people who are educated in Blockchain and its applications to fill key job roles. Therefore, it stands to reason that colleges and universities would begin developing course material, and even degree and certificate programs, around cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Having the opportunity to learn about the functionality of cryptocurrency can help students develop a better understanding of what Blockchain is and how to apply the technology in other areas. Should colleges focus more attention on delivering this kind of education and training? Let’s look at a few of the probable results for graduates:

#1: Lucrative Career Options

Whether the student is looking for a well-paying job or wants to learn as much as possible before establishing a startup, freelance, or other entrepreneurial venture, there is plenty of money in Blockchain. There is also ample opportunity with more options opening up every day. Employers are regularly searching for qualified applicants who can fill these and other essential job roles:

  • Software engineers for cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency Analysts
  • Bitcoin protocol and Blockchain Cloud Engineers
  • Cryptocurrency Traders and Developers
  • Blockchain Security Specialists
  • Cryptocurrency Mining Technician
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Cryptocurrency Trading Systems Engineers
  • Bitcoin and Blockchain Full-Stack Developers
  • Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Research Analysts

The above all require various levels of education, but all need specialized training.

The diversity of Industry Applications

Should Colleges Provide In-Depth Courses on Cryptocurrencies in 2019?

It is easy to equate Blockchain technologies with banking, but financial industries are far from the only ones that implement or benefit from them. The average supermarket, healthcare provider, and Internet entrepreneur can all benefit from what Blockchain provides.

Whether you plan to go to work for a dedicated cryptocurrency investment firm, provide SEO auditing services for websites, or start up a professional essay writing service catering to any academic or consumer content writing niche, there is a place to insert the knowledge and skills acquired in studying Blockchain. Many industry sectors will begin incorporating Blockchain shortly, practically flinging the door open for new graduates seeking to work with it in any capacity. If you don’t quite understand how this article should answer most of your questions.

Need For Digital Identity and Data Security Professionals

Data breaches have been a growing concern for years with even some of the largest corporations falling prey to hackers and malicious network intrusions. The consequences for innocent people and their finances can be – and has been – tragic for many.

Blockchain has a unique way of dealing with this problem and offers various implementations that help close more doors to hackers and keep data safer. Here’s another article that explains how. With advances in Blockchain technology in digital security, formal education in this area will increase in demand soon.

Increasing Demand For Qualified Applicants

As a final note, as the market shifts toward these new technologies, the need for professionals in all of the fields mentioned above (and many more) will inevitably increase. Should colleges and universities be developing and offering curricula in these areas? In short, yes. Offering courses and degree programs on cryptocurrency, with Blockchain at their foundation, is not only a sound choice for universities, but it is also rapidly becoming mandatory for schools that want to offer timely and marketable education programs for their students.

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