Shipping Industry welcomes Another Sizzling Token from Blockshopping Startup

Shipping Industry welcomes Another Sizzling Token from Blockshopping Startup

Blockshipping Company is undoubtedly painting the shipping industry with royalty as it is spreading its innovative wings via its mind-blowing inventions and services to better the shipping ecosystem.
The company that happens to be one of the leading companies in the shipping industry is setting a proper footpath for fresher’s in the industry to follow.
The company added to its numerous achievements, the announcement of its token sale that would commence on the 14 May, 2018. This announcement was done in March and everyone is anticipating with positive vibes.
Earlier this year, the company concluded a booming pre-sale which was nothing short of success and was greeted with green light by the public.
This new token model will be in two ways when its been issued namely: The internal utility token also known as the container platform token-CPT.
Secondly, there is the External Revenue Share Token also known as Container Crypto Coin- CCC.

Join the Public Sale

For people who want to be partakers in this public token sale that will take place in May, are advised to register online via their online page after which a KYC would be completed.
Contributors are allowed to register as well as place orders for their tokens before the day of the token sales and can conveniently pay with either Bitcoin, Ethereum or bank transfers in USD, EUR, etc.
.Great minds in the industry, since the announcement in March, have shown massive support and given their approval. Many have high anticipations as to the success of the token sale.
Awareness of the token sale which started in Denmark and further moved to other regions has spread like wildfire in almost every part of the world.
The GSCP project has been featured in more than 100 articles worldwide and has continued to receive warm support and anticipation from industries like the Business, Fintech, and even shipping industries as a whole.
Peter Ludvigsen, CEO of Blockshipping revealed the following:

“Traditionally, the shipping industry has a reputation for being rather conservative, but what I have experienced since the announcement of our GSCP project is anything but the traditional pushback on new business ideas.
It has been like one unbroken series of positive dialogues with key players of all areas in the container shipping industry,” further adding that “I am extremely proud to say that a few days ago Blockshipping obtained confirmation from a global container carrier that they will join our GSCP platform as our first customer.
This is a carrier in the 10-20 global ranking which also confirmed that they will join our customer advisory board.”

Blockshipping Company has gained strong support from the shipping industry as well as taking the lead in ICO rankings and most importantly is that the company’s fan base has dramatically increased.
Just after barely two weeks of making the announcement, the company’s i.o members increased to 9,500 followers plus attracting more than 7,600 followers on Twitter, with many more visiting Linkedin, Facebook to grab a bite of what the company is planning.
Despite the many obstacles and hurdles, this Blockshipping has faced, the firm is still a massive contributor to the revenue of the shipping industry and accounts for over 60% of seaborne trade.
No doubt the company is moving at top speed and the Shipping industry, as well as the world at large, is waiting to celebrate with it.
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