Shiba Inu Propels Into Trillion-Dollar Metaverse With Blockchain Gaming Introduction

Dogecoin Founder Billy Markus Tells Us Why He Loathes Shiba Inu

The crypto market has endured a horrid few weeks after most of the coins saw reds, with some even dropping to monthly lows. Shiba Inu, after hitting an all-time high of $0.000088, has been on a downward spiral since and has failed to replicate its form from just a month ago.

Shiba Inui’s ‘meme coin’ reputation is now the focal point regarding the coin’s ability to bounce back as many investors and crypto believe it might not survive, post its bullish phase. Recent developments from the camp of Shiba however suggest that its long-term trajectory may just be taking shape.

According to reports, Shiba Inu will be partnering with William Volk, former VP at Activision Studios, to build a Shiba Inu game. Project Lead at Shiba Inu, Shytoshi Kusama, took to Twitter to announce the collaboration but concealed Volk’s name. Kusama in a subsequent tweet revealed Volk’s name adding that, he was going to work directly with the AAA  game studio. Kusama thanked the founder of the coin and the Shiba Inu community. “I’m so grateful for YOU, @RyoshiResearch, and the entire #SHIBARMY,” he tweeted.

Kusama speaking to reporters revealed that the pending game will be initially developed by Shiba Inu and will not feature a blockchain. The blockchain version of the game will however be built from it, with the use of the decentralized network. The project in the later stages of 2022 will then incorporate a metaverse functionality but will deploy a different approach from that adopted by Facebook. 

William Volk boasts of an impressive record in the video game industry, with over 36 years of experience in the video games industry under his belt, measuring back to Avalon Hill in 1980. Volk created and co-designed iWack, one of the first-ever games which were launched on the App store.


The latest news from Shiba’s camp has been lauded by many market experts as Blockchain gaming is on the rise this year. Over 1.2 million Unique Active Wallets were connected daily to blockchain games in October 2021 alone. Axie Infinity has also reached new heights this year, with over $3 billion worth of AXS currently staked in AXS staking contracts.

Shiba Inu could also be in for a huge turnaround with regards to its Metaverse development. SHIB’s community is relatively larger than that of tokens such as SAND, MANA, ENJ, and ALICE, which has all seen its valuation go up after advancing into the Metaverse.