Scopuly – ICO-startup, which is worth paying attention to

Scopuly - ICO-startup, which is worth paying attention to

2018 promises to be a good year for ICO start-ups. But how is it possible to choose the right one that is suitable for solving your problems among the variety of projects? The answer is simple – either you decide to spend a lot of time looking for a project with exceptional functionality, or pay attention to projects that are made for solving the most basic crypto economic problems.
Scopuly is an example of such a project, built on Stellarblockchain.The project is a multifunctional platform that fits in one (convenient) application. Developers filled it with features that allow users to safely store, attract, spend, pay and exchange crypto-currency assets. 
Scopuly SDEX – is a safe, fast and cost-effective way of buying and selling digital currency.Crypto trade and exchange operations are carried out without intermediaries, since the application is fully decentralized. Any token created on blockchain Stellar can be purchased and sold immediately after the emission on the (decentralized) Scopuly SDEX exchange using the distributed exchange offer mechanism. In this case, the application/Scopuly finds the best exchange rate for crypto-currency and multi-currency transactions.

Scopuly Wallet. For the convenience of storing crypto assets and carrying out a variety of operations, the Scopuly development team included a multi-currency wallet in the application. One of the most important features that makes it as reliable as possible is that the Scopuly system provides the safest “cold” storage by encrypting the private key from each account created locally on the user’s device.
Scopuly ICO. In addition to crypto asset holders, the application will also be interesting for crypto-investors and ICO-start-ups, since Scopuly application is a platform for launching ICO-campaigns. In Scopuly, anyone can prepare, describe, publish a project and issue tokens for any tasks without having special technical knowledge; Users can get feedback from like-minded people from around the world and attract the necessary amount of funding for the start and development of the project.

Advantages of the platform:

  1. Fast

Transaction confirmation time is 3-5 seconds. Transaction Confirmation Technology: SCP Consensus.
2. Cheap
The most loyal commissions for making deals and conducting operations on the Stellar network: 0.00001 XLM (0.0003 $)
3. It’s safe
The network is protected from attacks, uses the SCP-protocol of consensus and Multi-Sig to improve security.
4. Scalable
Stellar is a fairly fast and scalable platform. Tens of thousands of transactions per second without network connection problems.
Official Scopuly platform resources:

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