SafePost: The Future Of Email Through Blockchain Launches An IEO To Accelerate Its Development

SafePost: The Future Of Email Through Blockchain Launches An IEO To Accelerate Its Development

SafePost, the innovative and secure solution alternative to traditional emails and document storage (a market of more than $ 200 billion / year with more than 3.5 billion users), will hold its first-ever Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) through the P2PB2B launchpad from March 16th to April 19th, 2020.

Token Economics, the owner of SafePost, aims to raise €472,000 (around $519,200) to accelerate the marketing strategy and the development of its product (international patent extension, KYC process, ISO certification, program software for macOS and Windows computers, digital safe…).

The price will be €0.001 / STAMP ($0.0011 / STAMP).

There will be 4 sessions for a total of 500,000,000 STAMPS proposed.

Each session will sell 125,000,000 tokens.

Start dateEnd dateAmountPriceDiscountTotalCollected
16/03/202021/03/2020125 000 000€0.0009010%112 500€112 500€
24/03/202031/03/2020125 000 000€0,000937%116 250€228 750€
02/04/202006/04/2020125 000 000€0,000955%118 750€347 500€
09/04/202019/04/2020125 000 000€0.001000%125 000€472 500€
  500 000 000  472 500€ 

€0.001 / STAMP is the minimum guaranteed price by SafePost® for using its services


SafePost was created in response to the inability of anti-SPAM, anti-virus and anti-PHISHING filters to protect us effectively.

The secure email market is worth more than $ 200 billion a year for poor results. Despite anti-SPAM, anti-virus and anti-PHISHING filters, we continue to receive unsolicited and fraudulent emails, while many desired messages are mistakenly classified as “SPAM” or “JUNK EMAILS”.

SPAM is not just an annoying experience that makes us miss opportunities or disrupts our work.

Phishing emails target our identity, our secrets and our money. They take control of our computer, explore the content of our hard disk and send spam messages to other victims.

The FBI has documented 166,349 domestic and international complaints of fraudulent email victims between June 2016 and July 2019, representing a total loss of more than $ 26.2 billion.

A study published in November 2019 by the company BARRACUDA[1] revealed that,

•   47% of attacks are from a Gmail account,

•   A phishing email out of 10 manages to convince its recipient to click on the link that is proposed to him. This percentage triples when the email usurps the identity of the head of Human Resources or the IT department,

•   In the last 12 months, the average amount lost as a result of a spear-phishing attack was $ 270,000,

•   A recent email scam did cost $ 29 million to a media conglomerate.

Last but not least: a third party can access the contents of messages stored on traditional email servers. If you manage your emails by yourself, your email server may be hacked or stolen and hackers will read its content. If you use a standard email service, there is a risk a third party (e.g. a competitor) presses your provider to access the contents of your messages.

SafePost eliminates these problems:

1/ Each SafePost user has his address and communicates only with people he has previously identified. There is, therefore, no more unsolicited messages, and no more doubt about the source of messages received.

2/ No risk a third party may access the content of your messages: no confidential data is stored in clear on SafePost servers, thanks to a patented energy-efficient system developed and owned by SafePost allowing encryption of messages and documents exchanged, without requiring the use of a trusted third party.

3/ In case of failure or theft of a SafePost server, you will keep accessing your messages while the thief cannot decrypt anything.


SafePost is valorized with STAMP tokens.

You can buy STAMP tokens on the P2Pb2B crypto exchange at and later sell them on this same exchange.

You can earn STAMP tokens by speaking about SafePost around you and on social networks. You can become a SafePost ambassador too. As a matter of sample, you will receive 100 STAMP tokens every time a contact you invited joins SafePost and you will get a bonus as an ambassador.

You can use STAMP tokens to pay services provided by SafePost.

Note SafePost is cheaper than other solutions available on the market: €14.60 (around $16.79) for SafePost vs an average of $49 for anti-spam solutions.

The minimum guaranteed value for each STAMP token is set to 0.001 EUR for using SafePost services. If the value of the STAMP goes higher than 0.001 EUR on the exchange, users will need fewer STAMP tokens to pay for SafePost services. 

Conclusion: the more SafePost users there are, the rarer the STAMP token will be and the higher should be on the exchange.


SafePost is available at Around 40,000 users have registered since October 15th, 2019. A SafePost app for Android and Apple devices will be available on Google Play in March and in April 2020 to make the product more user-friendly.

Next steps are SafePost® premium accounts with KYC process in May, patent extension application in June, SafePost program software for macOS and Windows computers in September 2020, ISO 9001 (quality) and 27001 (safety) certifications in December 2020, secured agenda in March 2021, secured chat in June 2021, Digital Safe in September 2021, secured voice conversations in March 2022.


On 12 December 2019, SafePost won the INNOVATION PRIZE awarded by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

IEO from March 16th to April 19th, 2020.

P2PB2B launchpad:

Minimum value guaranteed by SafePost: €0.001 / STAMP for using its services

SafePost website:

Meet the SafePost team:!#team

White paper: 

Light paper:  





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