Safein: A Blockchain-Powered Identity Management and Payment Solution Better than the Rest


After successful completion of the whitelisting process, Safein has fixed a date for the commencement of its presale.
The Safein team has chosen April 3, 2018, as the date, they’ll officially launch their native cryptocurrency, the SFN token.
According to the Safein officials, the presale will have two rounds. In the first round, 12 million SFN tokens will be sold. Users who participate in the event will receive 71 percent bonus, i.e., 1 ETH = 12,000 SFN. In the second round, members will purchase the SFN tokens at a conversion rate of 1 ETH = 10,500 SFN.
Due to the recent bearish markets, the team has also lowered the price of SFN tokens to give members the chance to buy as much SFN as they can, at very affordable rates.
Once the presale ends successfully, the Crowdsale will kick off on April 25, 2018, at 13:00 UTC. The Safein team has set a soft cap target of 6,000 ETH and a hard cap goal of 40,000 ETH. In the Crowdsale, participants will get 29 percent bonus, and there will be four stages in total.
To show users how determined it is to live up to expectations; the team has launched the Safein MVP, which will help users experience what the project is all about in real-time via an app.
The Safein team is working tirelessly round the clock to make the project a huge success.
Safein is very much concerned about the privacy of user data. Therefore, the team has put some measures in place to tackle the issue of identity theft and data breaches.
Users will be able to track their login history and view their active sessions. This way, they’ll be able to notice unauthorized activities on their accounts quickly. In case of any eventuality, users will be able to know the exact location, the device and the user data that was tampered.
The Safein Co-founder, Vladas Jurkevicius said that:

“Safein is an identity and payments wallet which focused on both sides of the business. It guarantees full control of privacy for the users, and at the same time, it allows merchants verify user identities for free.
Also, it offers revolutionary token model where merchants will be able to pay for transaction fees by holding Safein tokens and not spending it. Merchants can basically pay for their future payment fees with a great discount during our pre-TGE.”

Safein in Brief

Safein is a blockchain- powered single-sign-on digital wallet that gives users access to various websites and third-party services in a seamless manner. In essence, users will be able to use just their Safein login details to login to multiple sites.
Safein also lets users receive payments in fiat and cryptocurrencies.
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