Safe and Secure Sales of Security Tokens in View as Desico Sets the Pace

Safe and Secure Sales of Security Tokens in View as Desico Sets the Pace

Desico is projecting itself to be one of the first and leading team when it comes to security token sales.
It is not just looking forward to doing that but is also considering strong compliance with the various rules and regulations to guide this activity.
The issue of utility token paraded as security token has for long plagued the world of token sales. Investors are broken-hearted as some misfit companies are not true to their word on the kind of tokens being sold.
So many companies have had a successful token salewhich generated a vast capital  necessary for the execution of massive projects, some of these companies, however, do not live up their word of promising returns to investors.
This evil act has been channeled to only one thing; which is lack of stringent rules and regulations guiding the world of token sales.
No doubt some effort has been put forward towards extinguishing this menace, like U.S Securities and Exchange did a ramp up on the industry to bring to book those monsters last year.
It has, however, not been successfully able to eradicate the problem completely.
In this light, Desico an online trading company has taken it upon itself to create a lasting solution to help investors and traders alike.
The company has a plan to launch the first-ever regulated and entirely regulation compliant platform where security tokens will be traded.
The company is putting together a circle of democrats in various areas that will join forces to make this a reality.
People like Ronald Kleverlaan who is a Commission Expert Advisor on Alternative Finance as well as Jeff Burton, the founder of Electronics Arts team, and a host of others have agreed to be a part of this noble gesture.

The Plan

From the very first day that the company will start operations, a well-defined regulation would have been put in place to guide the crowdfunding and the issuing of security tokens.
The company also to ensure smooth and effective flow plans to create a payment system that will align with the European e-money license enabling the provision of token sale with the IBAN account.
According to the revelation of the founder of Desico, Laimonas Noreika “ Everybody in the blockchain community agrees that security tokens are the future of crypto. Unfortunately, the lack of legal frameworks and infrastructure to issue security tokens is why we do not see any security crowdsales. Desico will change this by creating the world’s first platform to issue, buy, and sell security tokens in full compliance with the law.”
This idea has received a warm reception so far as Dr. Rotem Shneor who happens to be the head of Nordic Crowdfunding Alliance praised the noble notion implying that the company will be a force to reckon with in the industry in the nearest future.
The global operations by Desico will be from Lithuania due to the country’s support and flexible laws for crowdfunding. Lithuania is also a member of European Union and Eurozone.
The implication of the above is that the company will be subjected to the regulations of the Bank of Lithuania.
Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Lithuania and The Enterprise Lithuania are both great pillars for Desico.
The giants in the token sale industry have spoken with one voice crowning Security token sales as the next big thing for the industry in the future, hence the need for a favorable rule and regulation as well as adequate infrastructure will go a long way to grease the ride.
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