RXEal Adds Four Expert Advisors From ICO Bench to its Platform

RXEal Adds Four Expert Advisors From ICO Bench to its Platform

Decentralized RXEal startup is focused on disrupting the rental markets. In a bid to make its ambition a reality, the platform has signed some of the best talents in the blockchain industry onto its revolutionary platform.
Top ICO bench advisors, Simon Cocking, Ian Scarffe, Jason Hung, Nathan Christian, Aly Madhavji and Mushegh Tovmasyan are the blockchain experts that have joined the platform as strategic advisors.
RxEAL offers users safe rental security, deposit storage and excellent dispute resolution. The platform aims to drastically improve rental transactions for everyone.
Highly reputable ICO advisor ranked highest by ICO bench, Simon Cocking has said that:

“RxEAL have a good team and a good idea, with a clear strategy on how they want to execute it. They plan to be the place to go for smart contract technology to transform the rental market, by leveraging blockchain based solutions. It is an exciting project and they have great potential to pull it off.”

Simon is Senior Editor at Irish Tech News and he’s also an Editor in Chief at CryptoCoinNews. He’s worked with various ICO projects. Simon is one of the top Twitter influencers in the cryptospace.
Ian Scarffe, an expert blockchain advisor and a serial entrepreneur who has also joined the platform reiterated that:

“It is a project with a smart and feasible product offering, business growth potential and a strong team behind it. I am confident that RxEAl will deliver a truly valuable and applicable blockchain solution for the rental markets. The project has already established industry partnerships for a pilot project development and has an impressive advisory board with a global reach.”

Jason Hung, an entrepreneur, and blockchain who has also joined RxEal, said that:

“RxEal can become the next generation solution to reduce risk, increase trust and transparency in the rental ecosystem, which may drive the whole rental supply and demand chain to a whole new level. The management team is mature and comprehensive.”

Mushegh Tovmasyan, a fintech veteran and blockchain advisor that is now a part of the RxEal team stated that:

“RxEal leverage blockchain and smart contract technology delivering disruptive improvement to how transactions are done in rental markets. A practical solution to reduce risk and increase transparency in the rental ecosystems creates a trust mechanism that can push supply and demand chain to a whole new level.
I am confident in the ability of the management team to deliver promised milestones and look forward to guiding them to success.”

RxEal is a blockchain platform that lets users store funds meant for real estate projects, vehicle rentals and many more, on the Ethereum Smart Contract blockchain.
RxEal also helps in dispute resolution amongst parties who had signed a smart contract.
It automatically connects legal experts with parties engaged in rental agreements. This reduces the time and cost required to solve any disagreements.
RxEal blockchain solution is targeted at real estate firms and automotive rental markets worth billions of dollars.

Token Sale Information

In the limited tier 1 RXL token sale phase, investors will receive 50 percent bonus at a conversion rate of 1 ETH = 1800 RXL. ETH is the only accepted payment. The token sale ends on May 12, 2018.
For more information visit https://rxeal.com
Whitepaper: https://storage.rxeal.com/public/RxEAL_White_Paper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/rxealofficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RxEAL
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rxealofficial
Medium: https://medium.com/rxeal

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