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Smart traders have often been seen as being too careful or calculative in selecting their trades. The reason for this is that they do not want to lose any of their investments to an unreasonable and uncalculated trading move. Similarly, smart traders are selective in their choice of a broker. The right selection of a brokerage firm will lead to pleasant trading experience, while the wrong choice will eventually lead to loss of assets and investments.

The internet is loaded with a vast number of online brokers, the majority of who are inexperienced about client management and market handlings. Apart from the fact that a lot of them are unreliable, it has been observed that diverse scam exchange companies are robbing unsuspecting investors of their funds and assets. For this reason, every smart trader in the financial market must make the selection of a broker, a crucial factor.

The challenge that most beginner traders face is the inexperience of how and what a good broker should be, and the services that are meant to be enjoyed from such brokers. Hence, they accept anything that comes their way, and it takes a while before they could realize their errors. An experienced, truthful, and reliable broker will always look out for its clients in the market, move ahead of everyone to inform traders on its platform of any market news or changes.

The financial market industry is getting bigger by the day, and a lot of investors are showing interest, as well as making a huge profit from the market. This has more than doubled, with the influx of many crypto projects coming into the market. With the introduction of Bitcoin and blockchain technology in 2009, the future of currencies and the financial market as a whole has seen a transformation to a digitalized system of trading. The cryptocurrency industry has further created an avenue for market investors and traders to make more profits with a different trading instrument. The only thing needed is to get an excellent platform upon which they can trade in the market.

It should be noted that not all brokers offer cryptos and trading instruments to their traders, while some of them only provide limited numbers. The digital asset has been seen as the currency of the future, and it is high time that market investors, brokers, and traders embrace the potentials embedded in the digital currency. One of the significant challenges of most online traders is getting a reliable broker that can help in making huge profits, as well as achieving trading goals.


This is not meant to be a challenge as there are numerous numbers of online brokers. The issue with this is that of distinguishing the legitimate and experienced brokers from the scam and unreliable trading companies. Pickling a forex broker is not as easy as picking a pair of shoes from the market. You must ensure that such a broker meets your aspirations and goals in the market. You need to also consider what the exchange company aims to achieve in the financial market and what the broker brings to the table in terms of its services, fees, and ease of doing business. Some brokers give you several instruments to trade, but when it comes to withdrawing your funds, you are stuck and at their mercy in getting your money, most of which you may never recover.

Therefore, selecting a broker is equivalent to choosing your business partner, who will represent you on significant deals. It should also be noted that as a trader, you are at the mercy of your broker concerning the trading instruments and trading platform presented or offered to you. This can determine your trading experience, as well as trading options available to you in the market. Hence, you need to look into the foundation, features, and services of any broker, before you make the right choice. This can be a very lengthy process, one that can even be confusing sometimes. This is why you need an unbiased review of the technicality and services of legitimate brokers to help you make informed decisions.

Thus, we have taken time to review the services of RoyalCBank to delve into their brokerage and financial service delivery.

An Overview of RoyalCBank

RegulationsThe financial commission (FinaCom)
Trading accountsBasic Account, Beginner Account, Medium Account, Advanced Account, Pro Account, And VIP Account.
Customer support24 hours a day, 6 days a week – email, telephone, live chat, and FAQ
Minimum deposit250 Us dollars
Minimum withdrawal100 USD/GBP/EUR
Education centereBooks, news, charts, and videos
Order typesMarket orders, limit order, and stop loss order
CryptosBitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (ADA), ripple (XRP) Litecoin (LTC), Dash, Bitcoin cash (BCH), etc.
Supported fiat currenciesUS dollars (USD), British Pounds (GBP), and Euro (EUR)
Deposit optionsVisa card, MasterCard, Maestro, Wire Transfer, and Cryptos.

If you are entering the crypto market industry, you need a reliable broker that is vast in crypto trading. This is where RoyalCBank comes in. The broker has gained significant recognition among crypto enthusiasts and investors for the quality service delivery to its numerous clients. The broker boasts of a team of crypto professionals who have gained considerable experience as a result of years of successful trading. This broker knows virtually what a crypto trader needs in the market, as well as the challenges that such traders might encounter. Hence, the broker has a team of experts that are readily available to proffer solutions and answers to any question or query from their customers.

One of the challenges faced by many brokers is the regulations of their services. The majority of the unregulated brokerage firms are the ones behind so many scam stories, where unsuspecting traders lose their assets to these cyber thieves. RoyalCBank has nothing to hide and thus is subjected to the control and regulations of the Financial Commission (Finacom). The broker has even displayed its certificate of membership on the website.

Another critical area is the security of the funds, accounts, and information of clients. RoyalCBank has taken the safety of its customers’ funds into cognizance by employing the safest security measure of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for encryption of data and communications between the clients and the server. As a result, there could be no unauthorized access by any third party to the information and assets of its clients.

Aside from this, the broker has a KYC policy in place to verify the identity of its customers and also protect them from any fraudulent practice. Besides, as a result of its membership to the financial commission, the traders on this broker’s platform enjoy a 20,000 US dollars’ worth of insurance policy per client. Furthermore, the funds of traders and investors with RoyalCBank are held and saved in a segregated account to avoid misappropriation of investors’ funds.

RoyalCBank, as a crypto broker, has also made provisions for the unique needs of different types of traders. This was done by providing traders with multiple types of trading accounts. Each of these trading accounts has its features and tools assigned to them by the broker. With these trading accounts, the clients of this broker, both beginners and experienced, can find an account that meets their trading goals.

In addition, RoyalCBank has made deposits and withdrawal of funds and profits easy. Clients of this broker are not restricted to the fiat currency or the credit cards for payment; they can equally deposit funds with their cryptos. Withdrawal of earnings can also be made without delay or fees charged.

Furthermore, the broker understands the need for trader traders to keep abreast of the latest trends in the market. Hence, the broker provides its traders complete access to trading tools and resources that will aid their trades in the market. Besides, clients are presented the opportunity to update their knowledge and learn new market techniques through the broker’s education center.

Another critical factor is that clients of RoyalCBank have access to various trading instruments and assets, especially the leading cryptocurrencies in the market. Also, the broker offers the clients an award-winning trading platform which comes with a user friendly and easy to use interface.

Features and Services Offered By RoyalCBank

Superb and Professional Customer Support

RoyalCBank has a team of professional and experienced customer support that is well informed and experienced on market dynamics and the crypto industry. Irrespective of whatever challenge a client might encounter in the market, customer support is solidly available to assist and provide solutions promptly. You can reach the broker’s support team through email, telephone, or live chat. The customer service is available 24 hours a day, from Monday to Saturday. Besides, there is a comprehensive list of pre-answered questions that can be accessed in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. 

Education and Trading Academy

RoyalCBank understands that the crypto industry is relatively new, and as new crypto projects emerge from time to time, traders need to update their knowledge about the digital industry. For this reason, the broker has developed an education section that provides training and learning materials for clients of the company. Also, there is a provision for traders to access other resource materials to learn about trading and financial market tactics, through eBooks, videos, charts, and industry news.

Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

With this broker, a deposit of funds into your trading account is quick and easy. Traders have options for bank wire transfer, credit cards, or cryptos. The minimum amount for deposit into the trading account is $250. 

In addition, RoyalCBank charges no withdrawal fees from their customers. The minimum withdrawal amount with this broker is $100. As a security measure, clients can only withdraw earnings into the bank account or credit cards that carry their names.

Multiple Trading Accounts

RoyalCBank aims to provide its numerous customers across the globe with numerous trading account options. Each of these accounts has unique features and tools to give a pleasant trading experience. Also, these trading accounts have different deposit requirements and welcome bonus.

1.    The Basic Account: This is the first trading account of RoyalCBank, and is suitable for newbies in the market. The account comes with a 30 percent welcome bonus, 24 hours support, daily market review, webinars, and price alerts. The minimum deposit is $250.

2.    The Beginner Account: This is an upgrade of the basic account, and it also comes with a 40 percent welcome bonus. There is a 24/6 support, access to the education center, daily market review, Pro webinars, price alert, and a Junior Account Manager. The minimum deposit on this account is $10,000.

3.    The Medium Account: With a minimum deposit of $25,000, the medium account has a 60 percent welcome bonus for clients. It has the same features of the beginner’s account, but with a senior account manager to assist you in your financial decisions. 

4.    The Advanced Account: Just like the name, this trading account is suitable for advanced traders. The account has a $50,000 minimum deposit and a 70percent welcome bonus. A VIP account manager is given to holders of this account with additional features of the medium account.

5.    The Pro Account: This trading account is designed for professional traders. The five-star account has a minimum deposit of $100,000, and an 80 percent welcome bonus. In addition, there is access to a VIP account manager that will help you make informed financial and trading decisions. Clients have complete access to all the features of the smaller trading accounts. 

6.    The VIP Account: This trading account is designed for exclusive clients of the broker. You can get details on how to have this account from your account manager.

Security and Regulations

To safeguard the information and assets (funds) of clients, the broker employs the strictest measure of encryption of data, with the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol. This broker does not store any credit card information on its website but ensures that any communication between the clients and the server is encrypted and inaccessible to third-party or unauthorized persons. In addition, the broker subscribes to the Know Your Customer (KYC) and the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) international policies. With this, fraudulent activities are checked and monitored regularly. Also, each client of the company must pass through a verification process to ascertain their true identity. Besides, in terms of deposit and withdrawal of funds, customers of the broker cannot use third party credit cards or bank accounts. It has to be the account that carries their name.

In addition to the security measure, the funds of the customers of this broker are held in a segregated account, separate from the company’s account. This measure was employed to avoid any form of misappropriation. 

In terms of regulations, RoyalCBank is licensed and regulated by the financial commission (FinaCom). Moreover, as a result of its FinaCom membership, the broker has insured the assets of its numerous traders. Each trader with RoyalCBank has a $20,000 insurance policy.

Final Thought

Aside from the above services and features, RoyalCBank provides numerous assets and instruments of trade for its customers. Traders can choose from a wide range of cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and other digital currencies. Sign up process with this broker is simple and easy.

Moreover, the web-based trading platform of this broker is fast, easy, and user friendly. It is equipped with excellent tools for profitable trading experience. With all these great features, it has proven that RoyalCBank is a reliable broker for traders in the cryptocurrency market.

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