ROI Coin allows users with limited access to computers and the internet to participate in crypto securely

ROI Coin allows users with limited access to computers and the internet to participate in crypto securely

Ticker ROI

A triple hybrid coin consisting of Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, and Term Deposits. You can visit the official ROI web page at ROI Coin is a coin that allows you to earn interest on whatever path you decide to take. ROI was designed to allow people to accumulate coins easily and earn 24 hours a day. 

Proof Of Work is CPU only mining: Algo – 1 GB AES Pattern Search – ASIC/GPU Resistant.

For users who have CPU’s available to mine – pool mining is a great way to get started. It is relatively easy to accumulate coins. There is also a 1-click GUI miner for Windows that works with two pools to get started immediately. There is really no need for powerful hardware. For others who do have powerful CPU’s, you can solo mine with the official ROI wallet. No need to worry about competing with ASICS or GPU’s because this technology makes it difficult and not efficient for their mining capabilities. You can review this mining page to get more info.

Proof Of Stake can earn 15% yearly interest just by having coins on an address and moving them every 30 days. The underlying technology allows for staking on the blockchain whether a wallet is open or not. 


Paper Wallet is for those people who have limited access to computers and the internet. If you want the utmost in security, you can create a paper wallet address and send your coins to that address. You can also mine coins to that address. Save energy and keep your coins offline only sending them to the official ROI wallet when you need to spend or sending the coins to somebody. You can get your own paper wallet at this address:  Other crypto projects have cold-staking where you still need some combination of hardware running, or you need to delegate your stake. There is none of that needed with ROI coin and no fees.  Just earn offline securely.

Term Deposits are another form of staking. You need the official wallet to create the term deposits. You can if you choose Term Deposit them to your Paper Wallet if you desire.  Once you complete the transaction however you can shut down your wallet. You can stake daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Here are the monthly and yearly rates.

• 1 Month Deposit 2.40% 

• 3 Month Deposit 6.28% 

• 6 Month Deposit 10.65% 

• 9 Month Deposit 14.26% 

• 1 Year Deposit 18.07% 

Exchanges – ROI Coin is also listed on three exchanges allowing for people around the world to participate in buying and selling coins. : :

BitExLive :

ROI Coin has been around for a couple years since its release in late 2017. The official wallet is a solid working wallet with no bugs and has versions for multiple operating systems. ROI also has a community in many social channels and an active developer. 

Check them out at the following links: 

• Website – 

• BitCoin Talk – 

• Discord – 

• Twitter: 

• Facebook: 

• Youtube: 

ROI Coin is also fast in transaction speed when sending coins. It has a 2-minute block time and coin transactions happen much faster than other cryptocurrencies. 

Several people have created instructional videos on how to use ROI coin wallets, paper wallets, and what the project is, and they can be viewed at the official Youtube channel. 

For those people who do not have a bank, do not want a bank, or looking to gain interest much higher than a commercial bank then ROI Coin could be your solution!

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