Rocket Launchpad Launches On the Tezos Blockchain to Ease User Investment in Tezos-Based Projects

Rocket Launchpad Launches On the Tezos Blockchain to Ease User Investment in Tezos-Based Projects

Rocket Launchpad is launching on the Tezos blockchain to maintain and allow the growth of the Tezos network. The decentralized Initial DEX Offering (IDO) plans to provide efficiency and security to users investing in the fast-growing Tezos ecosystem.

Since its launch, Tezos has been seeing an increase in the number of projects building on it, with the figure now at 135 projects. Additionally, Tezos has built strategic partnerships with renowned organizations including McLaren and Red Bull Racing. These developments bore the need support projects in their infancy stage, hence the birth of Rocket Launchpad.

The IDO platform provides a user-friendly interface for users to take part in pre-sales and early liquidity farming for Tezos-based projects. All projects launched on the blockchain will undergo deep scrutiny in the submission process. This will ensure they are secure, scalable, and have a strategic plan for achieving their objectives.

Moreover, a tier-based system known as “Rover Missions” will apply to early-stage investors using the Rocket Launchpad. By staking $RCKT, users get access to new project IDOs. As users increase their staked tokens, they climb up the ladder of tiers from Triangulum to Milky Way to Andromeda.

Furthermore, Rocket Launchpad uses Crunchy’s Deep Freezer for projects to lock 30-75% of their offered liquidity for a certain period. This maintains financial trust and ensures the process remains decentralized.


Rocket Launchpad is set to launch in August, alongside a token sale of its native token, $RCKT. The platform is, however, already in use. It first launched GOeureka Travel in July, a project modernizing travel booking experiences. The project aimed at using its native token, $GOT, to fuel cost-efficiency for travelers through a 5% fixed commission fee. With Rocket Launchpad, 97, 252 $XTZ (worth $278,000 at the time) were swapped for $GOT at the IDO launch.

Additionally, through a partnership with, Rocket Launchpad came up with “The Dream Team.” The initial IDO will happen mid-August on the platform, with 20 million $GIF tokens offered to raise 100,000 $XTZ. The tier-based model will apply to this IDO.

Notably, Rocket Launchpad accomplished a number of goals during Q2 2021. These include the completion of the initial $RCKT private sale, smart contract completion/testing ad IDO project onboarding.

In Q3 2021, the platform plans to achieve $RCKT staking, LP staking (30% of APY), marketing, and the very first IDO Launch ($GIF). Thereafter in Q4, Rocket Launchpad plans for fully audited smart contracts, insurance-backed contracts, and a baking service IDO funding pool.

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