RobotEra: Early Blockchain Sandbox Game Project Officially Launched

RobotEra: Early Blockchain Sandbox Game Project Officially Launched

An early blockchain sandbox game project recently received its official launch. Despite being severely damaged, the current crypto market continues to garner a lot of attention. In reality, the so-called blockchain sandbox game is more like Lego Die Lego in that it allows players to create their own world by buying land and basic structures. At the moment, Sandbox is the most well-known blockchain sandbox game, and RobotEra is a recently launched blockchain sandbox game project.

RobotEra is creating a sandbox-like planetary reconstruction metaverse. Players will take on the role of a robot, take care of their own land, and help build the world. Players can also gather materials from the environment to build robot friends. Players can start a new era with other robots in RobotEra and create anything they can imagine. Robotera also provides a shared multiverse that is interconnected with other worlds, opening theme parks, concerts, museums, and other establishments. With many NFT communities, create, share, operate, explore, and trade in Robotera.

RobotEra aims to give users access to a robust multi-dimensional metaverse platform that combines entertainment, creation, management, exploration, and interaction. As a result, RobotEra is more than just a vibrant game; it is also a second world that can profit from cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

RobotEra Background

Players of RobotEra live on the planet Tero, which recently underwent a catastrophe as a result of which the indigenous people and elderly robots were killed in a conflict between the two sides. Only 10,000 different-shaped robots, awakened after the big bang with humanized thoughts and emotions, are thought to be hidden in the planet’s core.

These humanoid robots rose to power and took control of this lovely planet. They will use their knowledge to rebuild the planet’s former prosperity and build a more brilliant civilization and future as they face the devastated planet in the wake of the war.



Blockchain sandbox games have more or less similar gameplay environments, and RobotEra brings a lot of entertainment to the genre.

  1. Through Robot NFT, RobotEra players receive their avatars in the metaverse, similar to many blockchain sandbox games. Players can interact in the game and mine, build, etc. through Robot NFT, a representation of them in the metaverse.

The distinction is that although players cannot spontaneously create Robot NFTs, they are free to freely edit and replace their existing Robot NFTs using the Robot Editor. The seven camps are Guardian Song,, Justice League, Trailblazers, War College, Lava, and Desire for Paradise, and there are a total of 10,000 Robot NFTs. These seven camps differ in terms of their traits and qualities, as well as their composition. This environment not only makes for more entertainment, but also makes it easier to appreciate Robot NFT.

  1. RobotEra has also added a ton of innovative gameplay. For instance, Robot NFT in RobotEra lacks any combat abilities, won’t perish, and won’t engage in battle directly. The player must send their robot allies into battle if they want to take part.

Players must assemble their robot partners by gathering resources. Robot partners with different abilities and traits can be put together by players. Each robot partner will be a distinct NFT that can be earned while playing or sold in exchange for money. In reality, the robot partner is a tool for resource looting and land defense and does not initially appear in the game.

  1. In addition, RobotEra is a blockchain sandbox game that features a platform that players can customize at their discretion. Seven continents make up the planet Tero where RobotEra players reside, and each has its own distinct resources for creating distinctive robots for its own faction. Players have the option of purchasing their own land or receiving it through airdrops. On their own property, players are completely free to build however they please and engage in profitable market trading.

The player can visit the public continent to obtain resources if they are needed during construction. The system generates the public continent at random and provides players with access to an abundance of renewable resources. It’s also important to note that players who own Robot NFT will be eligible to receive official land airdrops in a variety of events. Players who did not receive the airdrop have the option of waiting for the subsequent wave or making a direct purchase.

RobotEra Benefits

RobotEra technically completes the original development of the editor in addition to having a rich backstory and fantastic gameplay design. The project currently has two in-game editors: the robot editor and the land editor.

Players can edit their own robot partner or protagonist (Robot NFT) using the robot editor. Players begin the game with an officially provided robot NFT, which they can later swap out for a more customized robot protagonist by using the robot editor. One of Planet Taro’s special features is the Robot Editor.

Players can mine and gather resources, build houses, make robot friends, and do anything else they want on their own land once they have it. Of course, the land editor can facilitate players’ creative freedom.

RobotEra can have more scenarios as the editor develops, and it is currently getting ready to be tested and released.