Ripple Launches New Office in Zurich to Attract Institutional Buyers for XRP

Ripple Enticing top Tech Talent with Multi-Million Dollar XRP Bonuses

Ripple has been making some groundbreaking movements to gain more coverage and acceptance for its native token XRP. Recently it launched out in Switzerland with a new office for the purpose of selling XRP to institutional investors. This new office is in Zurich the biggest city with the most number of banks.

In the recent Swiss National Bank Conference held in May 2019, Ripple CEO, Brad Garlinghouse won the hearts of many as he dazzled them on the essence of the blockchain technology. He also enlightened the most influential central and commercial bankers in the world who were in attendance on Ripple Technology and products.

Brad explained that the blockchain potent feature is to enable two parties to transact between them without the need to trust but operate with assurance and certainty. This function is performed with the blockchain in a cheaper and easier way through the support of digital computers and the internet.

He went further to explain that Ripple has been in the game of solving international payments settlement problem using blockchain. It has been able to fill up the gap created by the SWIFT system which has not kept up with the age of the internet. It has remained slow, unreliable and expensive.

According to the CEO, Ripple can transform the transfer market via blockchain just as the internet did for the information industry. His remarks were well received endearing Ripple to the heart of many.


Now the Swiss commercial registry has approved for Ripple to open office to sell XRP to institutional investors and establish branches in Switzerland.