Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse Talks To CNN, Says XRP Will Outdo Bitcoin As A Means Of Payment


Ripple has gained fame as one of the most successful companies in the blockchain sphere. On September 12, CNN’s Julia Chatterley hosted Ripple’s CEO on First Move. The host was keen on pressing the CEO to declare his stand and views on a few key points especially concerning XRP. Brad Garlinghouse, too, was ardent on addressing those issues.

XRP Is Getting Massively Adopted

Speaking during the interview, Brad noted that XRP was gaining more support and getting adopted in large scales. Indeed, Ripple has been in the forefront in propping up XRP adoption. Just recently, the company entered a partnership with MoneyGram,a move that will see xRapid and XRP used as a base currency for cross-border funds transfers. 

Also, Ripple’s xPring project works to boost XRP adoption through various projects and partnerships. Just recently, Ripple gave out a cool $265 million in investment to Coil, a startup focused on content monetization. According to Brad, XRP now has more momentum than ever before. 

XRP Will Out-Do Bitcoin As A Means Of Payment

Brad is bullish on Bitcoin, and he said as much. However, he opined that Bitcoin is much better off as a store of value than a means of payment.

In Brad’s view, the long-term strength and value of crypto is determined by its ultimate utility. In this case, Bitcoin doesn’t quite fit the bill especially due to its problems in scalability. On the other hand, XRP has positioned itself as a more potent means of payment.


XRP Sales: The Controversy 

Of late, there have been lots of complaints from XRP fans about Ripple’s continued “dumping” of 1 billion XRP into the market every month. According to some, the move has greatly contributed to the XRP’s stunted growth in terms of price. 

Responding to this issue, the CEO said that Ripple is the most interested party in XRP’s success and has no intention to keep the crypto’s price low. Indeed, Brad was one of the richest people in the US during XRP rise that put his worth at $10 billion. That has now come down to just $500 million after the crypto lost about 90% of its value. 

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