RightMesh Raises $18 Million from a Pre-sale that Received Massive Response


RightMesh has gotten an overwhelming response from investors in its token presale event. The mobile mesh networking and blockchain platform have started on a very impressive note.
Barely a week after the team started gathering contributions from private investors, the RightMesh team has raised a whopping $18 million from the Pre-sale, ending the event in grand style.
The CEO and Co-founder, John Lyotier expressed excitement saying:
“We have been overwhelmed by the positive response from the community. It is a strange place to be in, turning down millions of dollars, but it’s important to the health of the network that the tokens are widely distributed, and we want to do the right thing and ensure that there are enough tokens remaining for the public.”
The public can still purchase MESH tokens when the TGE begins in February this year.  Users will use MESH tokens to pay for data and other platform resources.
Currently, Content providers, developers, game publishers and much more are all interested in MESH tokens which promises to enable them to reach more of their unreachable customers.
RightMesh is determined to connect the world using  its blockchain-based Mesh networks. The team has recently released its beta trial SDK to enable app developers to use it to expand the number of mesh-enabled apps globally, especially in emerging markets and third world countries where internet is slow, and communication and data exchange is a luxury.
The Token Generation Event
The Mesh doors will be open to investors once again on February 15, 2018. The team has set a target of raising $30 million. Investors must be ready to go through KYC/AML processes.  The contribution will only be processed via Bitcoin Suisse AG, which is a Switzerland-based Fintech firm.
The United States and Canadian residents are not allowed to partake in the TGE.
About RightMesh
RightMesh GmbH is a Swiss-based firm which is a subsidiary of Left.io, a certified B-Corporation located in Canada.
The RightMesh team is looking to use blockchain and mesh technology to give connectivity to billions of people globally. The RightMesh wireless networks are self-forming, self-healing and self-regulating. It utilises smartphone technology and IoT and doesn’t rely on traditional infrastructure and ISP’s.
RightMesh ‘s innovative technology has been deployed on a messaging and content sharing app called “YO.” The app is popular in emerging markets.
The team is working on many more apps that will use the SDK platform.
For more information visit www.rightmesh.io/token-generating-event
Whitepaper: www.rightmesh.io/whitepaper#wp
The Team: www.rightmesh.io/team#executive
Email: nikki@melrosepr.com

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