Revolutionary Crypto Exchange, Binex.Trade Launches Brand Ambassador Initiative

Revolutionary Crypto Exchange, Binex.Trade Launches Brand Ambassador Initiative

Crypto trading platform Binex is always on the move to satisfy their users. Now, the platform has decided to reward loyal users by launching its brand ambassador scheme.
The program which is known as “The Brand Ambassador Program” is projected towards those who share the exchange’s vision as well as the vision of the entire cryptospace.
Those who will be selected as ambassadors will be shortlisted based on how versed they are with the digital monies, the Blockchain community as a whole and then finally their knowledge of the workings of the exchange.

Worthy Delegates

Those who have been deemed fit to occupy the position will be laden with the task of promoting the company on social media sites, penning and making posts on these various sites to create awareness.
They will be compensation of BEX coin to users whose work has been proven to be genuine; this could be a reliable source of income for those who willing to go all out for it.
This Ambassadors Program will be a tool that will sharpen the interaction of the exchange with its immediate community at large.
Furthermore, it will help to promote one of the company’s visions which is to “build a strong new Cryptocurrency community”.
It will be the sole duties of the ambassadors to take the lead and ensure that a solid and authentic acquaintance with the Cryptocurrency space is established.
Registered users should expect great services from Binex as well as newcomers too.
Activities and information will be available on the Telegram page regularly.
Registration is an easy process. Users are required to sign up on the Exchange site BINEX.TRADE after which they will be redirected to the Ambassadors Forum.
Another sizzling offer is the “Novel Giveaway” designed for those who will be able to make the most number of referrals either weekly or monthly.
Insight into Binex Trade.
As the name implies, Binex Trade is a platform where cryptocurrencies are transacted to the advantage of either the buyer or the seller.
The exchange is free of any form of manipulations and price received is not controlled, this can be described as a “simple order type”.
Although, traders are allowed to fix a limit order type where there is no rush to sell or buy, allowing the trader to have power over his determining a specific price he wants to buy or sell.
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