Rapper MIMS Set to Debut Blockchain Project at Crypto Influencers Summit

Rapper MIMS Set to Debut Blockchain Project at Crypto Influencers Summit

New York City, NY – May 9th, 2018
Cryptocurrencies have burst forth into public consciousness with an epic
boom, spreading well-beyond their original breeding ground of financial
A fact that was clearly highlighted when the technology featured
on HBO’s hit show Last Week Tonight w/ John Oliver. The episode also
brought its viewers a mass initiation into the world of crypto-inspired rap,
featuring a song from Chris Record’s entitled #HODLGANG.
Despite the comedic nature of the show, cryptocurrencies and rap music are
developing a deeper relationship than most are currently aware of. Much of this
revolution is gaining its fuel from famous cryptocurrency millionaires turned
rappers like teamHODL & CoinDaddy.
Since many rappers tend to be natural entrepreneurs, established musical acts
such as multi-platinum award winning artist MIMS – widely known for 2007’s
hit single  “This is Why I’m Hot” – are seeking to merge revolutionary blockchain
technology with the music industry via his new company RecordGram.
Bringing all these creative forces together is the Crypto Influencer Summit,
which is set to take place on May 17th as apart of New York City’s Blockchain
Consensus week. The event is co-sponsored by Cryptoinfluence.io and
BOOSTO.io; two of the leading names in the blockchain-powered social media
The Crypto Influencer Summit is the largest annual summit of its kind,
bringing together a wide array of innovative crypto influencers & social media
savvy blockchain projects/investors.
In addition to the the multitude of networking options, including the
opportunity to interview prominent attendees, the Crypto Influencers Summit
will present its audiences with a pitch event in which 10 teams will have the
opportunity to introduce their crypto/blockchain-focused projects to a panel of
the world top influencers, community investors, and social media authorities,
including Basic Attention Coin’s founder Brendan Eich.
The pitch event is set to be a team event, with participants divided into two
pools of five individuals. One of the teams participating in the pitch event will
be RecordGram, led by none other than the iconic rapper MIMS.
The summit is also highlighted by an award ceremony honoring over 100
crypto influencer nominees, and spanning across 40 different categories. At the
end of the evening, the annual “Influencer of the Year” award will be given out
to one of the community’s most prominent and respected social figures, and in
addition to the pitch event, MIMS will be onstage presenting the award for
Best Crypto Musician” during the ceremony.
Crypto enthusiasts from around the world will be able to watch the action unfold, as the entire award ceremony will live stream directly from the events official website.
After the Crypto Influencer Summit has drawn to a close, the celebration will
just be getting started as there will be an after party featuring live music from
teamHODL, CoinDaddy, & MIMS.
The event’s open bar & live DJ will also carry over into the after party, and the lobby will remain open for those wishing to network and create content in a quiet(er) environment.
The Crypto Influencer Summit will be held on May 17th
,2018 from 5pm –10pm in New York City.
Tickets for the event are going fast, so be sure to get a
HODL of yours pronto.
To learn more about The Crypto Influencer Summit visit: cryptoinfluencesummit.com

About The Crypto Influence Summit:

The Crypto Influence Summit is an officially endorsed event for Coindesk’s
Blockchain Consensus Week. The summit’s purpose is to bring the world’s best
crypto influencers together for a night of collaboration, discussion, and fun.
The event features several events related to social media and the blockchain,
including speakers, panels, and a pitch event. The night is highlighted by the
Crypto Influencer Awards which honors the best content creators within the
crypto space, as well as an after party featuring crypto musicians Coin Daddy
& teamHodle, as well as multi-platinum award winning artist MIMS.
For Crypto Influence Summit:
Heidi Yu
Official Event Hosts:
Official Event Websites:
Consensus 2018, New York Blockchain Week

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