QashBack Launches Blockchain-Based Reputation Management And Permission-Based Marketing System for Southeast Asia

QashBack Launches Blockchain-Based Reputation Management And Permission-Based Marketing System for Southeast Asia

QashBack, a Singaporean technology company is poised to revolutionize the retail and services ecosystem via its incentivized reputation management system which brings together consumers, merchants, and advertisers and allows them to transact transparently.

The QashBack platform which is set to go live in Q2 2019, is aimed at transforming the online reviews market via blockchain technology.

A Win-Win Scenario for All

QashBack clients are rewarded with the QBK altcoin, when they write reviews, regardless of their bias.

If permitted by clients, merchants can incentivize customers with QBK token to encourage them to partake in contests, view adverts and more.

QashBack leverages the power of blockchain technology to acquire real and factual reviews from clients. The system uses the Ethereum smart contracts blockchain to ensure transparency, decentralization and more.


QashBack is optimistic its solution will be very helpful in a vast array of sectors including Wellness/Beauty, Healthcare, Transit, Shopping, Education, Food and Beverage and more.

QashBack has inked great partnerships with several startups including Oriental Mace Group Berhad, MyBeauty, a platform which is supported by the Malaysian government as its tourism initiative and others.

MyBeauty comprises of more than 1,000 businesses in the beauty industry, product suppliers and more.

QashBack’s partnership with Oriental Mace will make it easy for QBK token to be the primary payment method on the platform and users will be rewarded with the tokens when they submit reviews, view ads and more.

QBK Tokens Sale Information

It is estimated that receipts for the platform each year will amount to $18 billion and this will also create massive demand for QBK tokens.

There will be a total of 1 billion QBK tokens and 1 million QBK was made available for purchase last year, with an initial price of $0.40 per token.

QashBack estimates its ICO will generate $36 million as it had previously raised $14 million during its private sale in July.

The funds will be used to support the growth of the platform, carry out research, facilitate market penetration and more.

Starting from January 5, 2018, QBK tokens can be traded on the UDAX Hong Kong exchange, with listings on other exchanges like Coinsuper, Dobi Trade, Upbit, and LAToken to go live in Q2 and Q3 2019.