Project DateCoin Raised More Than 1,100 ETH of Investment During Pre-ICO


The project of the world’s first dating service using artificial intelligence, DateCoin , has collected more than 1,100 ETH in the framework of its successful Pre-ICO! There are only 9 days left until the end of the Pre-ICO stage, but today investors still have the opportunity to participate in the project and purchase DTC tokens at a discount of 15%.
DateCoin is a project platform for online dating of a new generation that uses neural networks technology and intelligent algorithms in its operation, providing its users with effective and safe acquaintances around the world.
Modern technologies will allow the participants of the service to perform an intellectual selection of a partner based on the photos they like, communicate only with real girls, get the best match according to their tastes and preferences, select the partners, be sure of the safety in storing all personal data and chats inside the service, and participate in the company’s profits thanks to an understandable mechanism of buying DTC tokens.
The team that developed the DateCoin project has experience in the dating industry for more than 5 years and an operating business with a yield of 80-120% per annum. The target audience of the project is expected to reach 20 million people around the world.
Investing in the innovative high-tech project DateCoin is very simple – you can buy DTC tokens for Ethereum, Bitcoin or any fiat currency. DTC tokens provide their holders with favorable conditions for their use, as well as access to the best girls from all over the world. Financing an already existing successful business model reduces all risks of depositors to a minimum level.
DTC token holders get a unique opportunity to enjoy special privileges and unlimited access to the DateCoin service. The mechanism of buying DTC tokens, developed within the framework of the project, allows investors to receive a guaranteed income and take part in the company’s revenue.
Investing in the DateCoin project is investing in future technologies!

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