Profitable exchange of cryptocurrencies at the stock rate on Android

Profitable exchange of cryptocurrencies at the stock rate on Android
  1. Profitable exchange of cryptocurrencies at the stock rate on Android
    1. Exchanging cryptocurrencies for the traditional money quickly and without problems may be needed in different situations. It is not always possible to have a laptop or a computer at hand to be able to make a request, and the site is not always convenient to open on a mobile device running Android. In addition, when cryptocurrency to fiat money exchange transactions are not frequent, it may be necessary to go through a complicated identification procedure, which is not easy to pass using a smartphone. To solve all these problems, an online exchange with a high degree of privacy, Cryptex, has released a cryptocurrency exchange app for Android devices.
    2. Exchange where it’s convenient in a couple of taps

The Cryptex Exchange mobile app doesn’t take up much space on your device, installs in seconds, and works even on relatively old versions of the Android operating system.

To exchange without verification and going through the identification procedure, it is enough to select currency pairs on the main screen of the program, enter the amount of the desired exchange and complete the operation following the instructions.

When exchanging Perfect Money for cryptocurrencies, the order is executed instantly, which is possible because of the instant transfer within the system. When exchanging cryptocurrencies, it will be necessary to wait for several confirmations by the network. For most cases, three entries in the distributed registry of the digital asset will be enough, after that, the exchange will also can be completed.

  1. Take full advantage of cryptocurrencies while exchanging

Cryptex cares about the privacy of its customers’ personal data. Therefore, the cryptocurrency exchange app on Android does not collect any personal information about the user’s device, and the data transmitted to the company’s servers contain only the information that the client has entered in the exchange window and that is necessary to ensure the security of the transaction.

The lack of the need to go through a complicated user identification procedure allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of cryptocurrency transfers. Bitcoin was intended to be an independent means of payment, not being subject to regulation, censorship and restrictions from any regulatory authorities. And Cryptex Exchange makes it possible to implement these solutions to the full extent.

  1. Change any currency at the best exchange rate

It may not always be possible to have one or another type of cryptocurrency available in the app for exchange. However, Cryptex conducts operations with any digital assets and cash around the world. If there is no required asset in the list, or the amount is large enough and you would not like to use automatic exchange, the online exchange will find a convenient way to transfer funds in any direction of the exchange in the selected location, it is enough to write to the operators in the chat.

Own trading platform allows you to offer one of the most favorable exchange rates in a mobile phone at the time of the transaction.

The application itself is already available for installation from Google Play, it does not send annoying notifications, does not collect information in the background and does not slow down your phone. Make a profitable cryptocurrency exchange on your Android device with Cryptex Exchange.