Profit from hodling during the bear market? HEXN.IO makes it possible

Profit from hodling during the bear market? HEXN.IO makes it possible

Are you a hodler humbly awaiting the bull to come so you can finally start raising money on the coins you keep? You are probably pretty tired of the assets lying idle in your wallet for so long. Not seeing any profit for months can really undermine confidence in picking a hodling strategy and even make you feel somehow embroiled in a loss-making business.

Wait, this is not the time for despair or resigned passiveness! What if I told you, you could earn on your idle crypto right now?


HEXN.IO is a crypto lending platform that offers a wide selection of 48 cryptocurrencies, including seven stablecoins, high-interest rates (up to 22% APY), and regular weekly payouts. Unlike staking platforms, HEXN allows earning via locking any supported coins, not limited to the PoS-based ones.

We can see that today simply holding crypto is not enough to profit from it — that’s why lending your assets is a great way to earn while waiting for the crypto winter to be over. And after that, you will gain double profit — from the weekly yield payouts and crypto growth.

Investment options and instant payouts

HEXN provides several plans for investments, differing in duration and profitability. As of January 2023, there are five plans: for 30, 60, 90, 365, and 730 days.


What makes the HEXN approach unique is that you get an advance payment as soon as you deposit money into a savings account. You make a deposit on the platform, and the estimated interest income for the next 30 days immediately arrives in your account. The longer your deposit term, the higher your interest rate, and the more money you can get now.

On the HEXN.IO website, look for the assets marked with a green badge — it indicates that the coin is a part of the Advance Payment system.

Transparency first

Recently the company decided to disclose its full balance sheet: on the HEXN Proof of Reserves page you can see the list of the company’s addresses, the value of its assets, and liabilities — all the data is freely accessible and regularly updated.

More to come

The HEXN mobile app is already available for download on the Google Play Store and will soon be released on the App Store. The company plans to bring more innovative offerings to the crypto world: loans services and trading bots are currently in development, while the smart exchange feature is at a pre-release stage. Subscribe to HEXN.IO on social media to keep up with the latest updates and special offers!

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