ProBit Exchange Reloads Launchpad IEO for Smart Blockchain Ecosystem TEAL Marketplace

ProBit Exchange Reloads Launchpad IEO for Smart Blockchain Ecosystem TEAL Marketplace

The revolutionary social genome infused e-commerce brand TEAL has officially been onboarded as the latest entrant for ProBit Exchange’s Launchpad Premium IEO. These coveted slots have infused projects with essential capital for continued success including $50,000 for SportX, whose tokens tripled in value following listing, and another $350,000 for Medium in just 40 minutes.

The TEAL marketplace is poised to throw their weight against today’s e-commerce giants, fortified with proprietary social genome driven insights to align the goals and needs of both service providers and consumers. The data-driven solution offers service providers with a massive competitive edge through its up-selling potential based on forecasting search queries and incorporating projected needs into its recommendations.

The social genome mechanism matches the habits and needs of customers by utilizing pattern-driven insights garnered from publicly available data in order to develop a social profile along with additional metrics such as tags to provide highly catered products and services from multiple vendors that match consumer preferences. 

The platform is even capable of spearheading multi-layer purchases such as travel itineraries while minimizing the hassle on behalf of customers through its highly attuned recommendations. 

Serving as the marketplace currency, TEAL tokens feature a unique minting function to stabilize value along with increasing supply as the number of transactions begins to increase proportionately with platform development. 


ProBit Exchange has rapidly emerged as one of the IEO pioneers in the industry following a multitude of successful fundraising campaigns due to deep expertise, meticulously assembled packages, and unrivaled support services aimed at driving massive acceleration and funding for early-stage token-based platforms. 

The continued success and rising demands of ever-aspiring projects led to the development of their Launchpad Premium IEO, an exclusive addition reserved for the select few projects passing due diligence. 

TEAL Launchpad prepares to take flight September 23 with quote currency purchases of USDT, BTC, ETH, and XRP all being the beneficiary of 25% bonuses. 


TEAL is the new Smart Blockchain Ecosystem from Europe. The first solution in this Smart Blockchain Ecosystem is the TEAL Marketplace, a decentralized associative and collaborative online marketplace with social network functions. It is based on the blockchain infrastructure, Smart Data and TEAL’s proprietary associative AI.


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