Prime Ape Planet Set To Build A Community-Powered Core NFT Project

Prime Ape Planet Set To Build A Community-Powered Core NFT Project

Prime Ape Planet, a top-rated project with an amazing and scintillating collection of NFTs is seeking to readapt into a community-inclusive project, following its aim to build a circular economy project.

The project has marked incredible success so far as the current ecosystem of the project acts as a host to one of the most desirable NFT collections on the blockchain. Each of its NFTs is designed and curated by some of the best minds in the artistic world.

The NFT collection is categorized into three segments which are, The Prime Kong NFT Collection, The Prime Ape NFT collection, and The Infected Prime Ape NFT collection. The Infected PrimeApe NFT collection is recognized as the most unique of them all.

Quite impressively, these NFTs had shown record-breaking pre-sales as The Prime Kong NFT sold out within two minutes of release at a trading volume of 4.9K ETH worth $10+ million. Also, The Prime Ape NFT sold out within the first 38 minutes of the sale at a trading volume of 29.3K ETH estimated at $84 million.

The Prime Ape NFT project allows users to create a unique version of their Prime Ape NFTs. Holders can combine their Prime Ape NFTs with poisoned bananas to create infected prime Ape NFTs that will have a unique dimension without changing the base ape’s facial expressions and characteristics.


In a bid to become a holder exclusive project, the complete ecosystem of the project is rolling out features and extensions to the current platform. The upcoming holder exclusive platform focuses on various aspects, from forums to making decisions on the upcoming project features, native tokens, real-world utilities, brand merchandise line, and many more.

All of these inclusions are efforts geared towards making it a more community-powered core NFT project.

Prime Ape Planet Unveils Upcoming Token Launch

Following efforts to achieve a community-powered core NFT project, the project has unveiled plans to release its upcoming native token in late May 2022. Holders will be allowed to stake their NFTs on the platform in order to earn the native token.

Furthermore, users can use these tokens for various applications like purchasing merchandise from the brand line, reserving early-bird spots on upcoming blue-chip projects, access to the native play-to-earn games, swapping to ETH for liquidity, and much more.