Predicting Tron’s Future: Should You Stay Away From TRX In 2019?

Predicting Tron's Future: Should You Stay Away From TRX In 2019?

The cryptocurrency market over the past years has welcomed new projects to the market. Although many of such projects show great potential and poised to be in existence for a long time, some of these projects are also just unexciting and are subjected to a doom forecast for the future.

One of such “not too good” cryptocurrency is Tron. Many may see Tron as a reliable cryptocurrency with high potential, because of its ability to be at the 11th position on the top 100 cryptocurrency list, yet, if you critically research on Tron, you will realize the project isn’t all that.

According to most analysts and experts, Tron might fail in the near future due to the fact that its value is just entirely centered on the community it finds itself in but not by what the projects deliver and certainly not by its potentials. Some see Tron’s CEO, Justin Sun as a fascinating savior of most altcoins, well that might be true, but it presents a hopeless vision.

Tron has some impressive altcoins built on its platform but doesn’t add any gain to TRX. Let’s look into the case of one such altcoin that is BitTorrent (BTT). Even though BTT is technically built on Tron’s decentralized platform and requires high demand on the platform, rewards of BTT seeders are not paid in TRX but BTT.

This trashes TRX and gives the impression of a long-term downtrend for TRX. Another negativity around Tron is its distribution of assets which reports say almost 90% of coins go directly to the Tron Foundation. By which just a few amounts of coins are kept for Tron’s future developments.


Furthermore, Tron has engaged in many uncertain collaborations with many doubts. There are some partnerships Tron has involved in which seems like a great idea that can break grounds, but it is just a deception of false growth.

Overall, Tron is still a good cryptocurrency for now, and if an investor or trader can quickly trade in the short term and be a bit cautious, then that might be a win. Nevertheless, based on the incompetence of its team in bringing out good strategies for lasting global usage, Tron might fail in the long run. Therefore long term Investors are advised to be careful while investing in the cryptocurrency.