Posschain: A Multi-Chain Ecosystem Connecting All Blockchains

Posschain: A Multi-Chain Ecosystem Connecting All Blockchains

The adoption of blockchain technology has not been without its challenges. Three generations down the line, the technology still faces scalability, usability, and security issues. Notably, no existing blockchain provides complete decentralization, scalability, and security. The lack of these trio has served as a hindrance to blockchain worldwide adoption. To curb these challenges, many developers have used heterogeneous sharding that allows for faster throughout within blockchains. This, however, does not solve issues like the security and validity of shard data. 

Bearing this in mind, a team of developers led by James Garcia, the founder, and Chief Executive Officer, of Posschain, came together to solve these issues to allow seamless communication and scaling between blockchain networks. The team created Posschain!

Posschain is the next-gen blockchain protocol that integrates artificial intelligence (AI) based Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus to achieve an advanced scalability position. As a result, the design allows all accurate cross-chain communication between existing forms of blockchain networks while providing security and privacy.

The project’s goal is to make “a lasting contribution to the blockchain ecosystem by addressing the current limitations of blockchain technology through its hybrid software solution and growing the global blockchain community.”

The protocol provides an avenue for users to interact free from the hurdles of traditional blockchain networks. In addition to AI, the protocol utilizes a multi-layer consensus model and voting-based governance system that has caused the protocol to gain popularity. Furthermore, Posschain is light and robust against hostile actions while naturally adapting to varying hash rates. This, combined with its ability to choose the best neighbors with personal interests, has made Posschain the solution to cross-chain communication between blockchain networks. 


Posschain provides four leading solutions: Micro and Marco chains, PossArena framework, PossApp Testnet, and Alpha layer. The Micro and Macro chains are the main parts of the Posschain blockchain. As the name suggests, the PossApp Testnet is an experimental platform for developers to test blockchain innovations before deploying them into the Posschain mainnet. 

PossArena is a blockchain framework created for developers to implement ready-made components such as consensus and networking. Through the Posschain heterogeneous sharding model, developers can tailor each fragment to a specific use case. Moreover, through the PossArena, developers can use several development engines to open up additional functionalities and customization. On the other hand, the Alpha Layer solution combines protocols, commit-chains, and channels to develop a unique scalability layer that developers can use to scale any blockchain. 

At the heart of the project is the Posschain native token (POSS), with a total supply of 50,000,000 tokens. POSS serves numerous utilities, including paying for the various transaction and as a voting tool for the growing Posschain community. 

The project is still under development. It is currently working on various services and products, including the Posschain community initiative program launch, POSS token exchange offering, private testnet, DeFi tools for developers, tokenizer engine, and much more.