PlusCoin Is Looking Disrupt the Marketing Ecosystem Using Blockchain Technology


PlusCoin will create innovative marketing solutions through the blockchain. The startup is focused on using its platform to solve simple and complex marketing issues.
Blockchain, the building blocks of cryptocurrencies has many capabilities. The PlusCoin team is looking to put the blockchain to good use in the marketing industry.
Some Real-life Examples
Some companies have deployed the blockchain in the video and content marketing industry. firrms like Augur, Papyrus, VidRoll, AdEx, Santiment and a host of others are good examples.
The sad truth remains that while a whole lot of companies have deployed the blockchain, only a hand full of them have successfully created products that impact people’s lives.
PlusCoin’s crypto-cashback service is guaranteed to change lives for good.
The PlusCoin Crypto-cashback Service
With this service, companies can advertise their products and reach a massive audience. Consumers too can make purchases on the decentralized platform and receive PlusCoin tokens as rewards. Holders of the Pluscoin tokens can use it to purchase various items online.
As written in the whitepaper:

“Our goal is to attract the maximum possible number of users and partners into employing cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain, using the instant payment of our cryptocurrency as a cashback on purchases from our partners as a mechanism.
To achieve this goal, it is not enough just to pay out the cryptocurrency; so we are also developing additional services based on the Ethereum blockchain, which will support the exchange and sale of our cryptocurrency. They will also construct an infrastructure that can be used to develop the sector as a whole.”

The PlusCoin team has over 1,544 partners and counting. Some of PlusCoin’s partners include big industry players like KFC, Nike, Reebok and Burger King.
The PlusCoin token sale was held in September 2017 and in December. The PlusCoin crypto-cashback service is accessible through the DS Plus mobile App.
PlusCoin in Brief
PlusCoin is a decentralized cashback platform based on the Ethereum Blockchain. PlusCoin was founded by the DS Plus tea and is available on the DS Plus mobile app.
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