PEJ Launches First Wearable NFTs With Access To The Exclusive Metaverse And Real-Life VIP Events

PEJ Launches First Wearable NFTs With Access To The Exclusive Metaverse And Real-Life VIP Events

PEJ, an entertainment NFT that aims to facilitate a decentralized payment network and financial infrastructure development has announced the launch of the first wearable NFTs.

In a bid to contribute to the vast growing blockchain technology, PEJ has introduced the first wearable NFTs designed in the form of a wearable PEJ hoodie.

The PEJ wearable NFTs will serve as a pass ticket to holders who want to experience an exclusive Metaverse and real-life VIP event.

As soon as PEJCoin marks a threshold of 1000 token holders, the team will select a lucky winner who would get a chance to wear an epic NFT hoodie in the metaverse, as well as a real-life hoodie that matches the user’s avatar. As the PEJ hoodie is designed as a special VIP access pass that provides real and virtual utility to the holder.

PEJ aims to create a metaverse where users can flaunt their hoodies and be noticeable via NFT wearable accessories. The platform believes that;


“Merging the boundless creativity of the metaverse and the exclusivity of fashion in the real world gives users a fresh way to discover the evolving NFT space.”

Per the announcement, the platform aims to debut lots of exciting revolutions fuelled by its commitment to introduce new users to the crypto space.

Club $PEJ

In a quest to further make the virtual space more intriguing and noticeable to new users, the PEJ team has also proposed the establishment of a decentralized club dubbed “Club $PEJ”. 

The virtual club game will see players strapping on their VR glasses while walking through to play the games that catch their fancy. They are as well required to hold at least 1 PEJ coin in their wallet to access the exciting features and benefits on offers.

Royalty generated by the club will be redistributed to native token holders. Users get an additional 0.001% of the club’s profits for every coin they hold, thus encouraging them to stay in the game for extended periods.