PayPal Suspends Infowars From Its Platform. Crypto The Answer?

PayPal Suspends Infowars From Its Platform. Crypto The Answer?

Alex Jones’ platform, Infowars to be suspended from using PayPal’s payment processor for accepting payments from site users on the platform.
To confirm this, Nathaniel Popper, who is a New York Times journalist had tweeted about PayPal’s proposed action, saying “PayPal has indeed told Infowars they will need to get a new payment processor — the latest tech company to cut Infowars off.”

Reason Behind The Suspension

According to PayPal, the reason behind the ban comes from a recent review of Alex Jones’ platform which has been found to have gone against PayPal’s core values.
PayPal had complained that the platform was promoting hate speeches. A PayPal’s spokesperson had spoken to the press about the situation, saying:

“We’ve made a decision to end our relationship with Infowars websites, including PrisonPlanet. We undertook an extensive review of the Infowars sites, and found instances that promoted hate or discriminatory intolerance against certain communities and religions, which run counter to our core value of inclusion.”

Jones Could Venture Into Cryptos

Following the recent move by PayPal, Alex Jones may be looking into integrating cryptocurrency payments into the platform. This way, he’s able to avoid censorship from centralized authorities as suggested by a Twitter follower in response to the announcement on social media.
A possible option would be the Coinbase Commerce plugin. The payment processor will, therefore, process cryptocurrency payments for items purchased such as t-shirts, caps, stickers, and others on the Infowars shop section of the platform.

About Alex Jones And His Platforms

Alex Jones (Alexander Emric Jones) happens to be an American radio show host, journalist, and conspiracy theorist. He runs the website Infowars, which he reports conspiracy stories about the 9/11 event, Illuminati, the new world order, and other “fake news.” Alongside the Infowars platform, Jones also run Newswars and PrisonPlanet platforms.