PARSIQ And Autonio Partnership Brings Smart Triggers To NIOX Trading Suite

PARSIQ And Autonio Partnership Brings Smart Triggers To NIOX Trading Suite

PARSIQ has partnered with the Autonio Foundation to integrate its monitoring technology into Antonio’s NIOX trading suite.

As per the announcement, through this partnership, PARSIQ is planning to deploy its Smart Triggers technology into Autonio’s NIOX suites. The partnership will help Autonio monitor blockchain data for important events by integrating a few lines of code. Generally, this new integration will help save on the time and infrastructure required to create custom listeners. 

Ali Raheman, Autonio Foundation CEO and Founder.

“PARSIQ enables us to secure our governance and our DAO along with granting our users access to info about asset movements, which is a higher up priority for us, while we begin incorporating notifications and triggers into our trading solutions and tracking. Use for AI is longer term. PARSIQ has provided us with a toolset to make improvements in 3 major areas, trading, governance, and analytics data for AI.”

Tom Tirman, CEO of PARSIQ. 


“Automated trading tools are a natural use case for PARSIQ’s Smart Triggers, and we are glad to be seeing teams like Autonio speed up their development efforts by choosing our solution. There is no reason why crypto app developers should constantly be reinventing the wheel. By letting us take care of the intricacies, they save on time, money, and headaches.”

Autonio Foundation is a decentralized autonomous organization built around developing accessible, easy-to-use training tools and services. By democratizing access to intelligent trading tools, the platform allows crypto traders to conduct deeper trading analysis, pool funds for their original strategy, and deploy complex algorithms.

Autonio’s trading suites are based on Artificial intelligence technology. The suites require a stream of reliable blockchain data, which can create trading alert systems or complex trading strategies 0based on specific triggers.

By integrating PARSIQ’s Smart Triggers, Autonio will easily monitor blockchain data for relevant events. The partnership will also allow Autonio to access the PARSIQ toolset. The toolset allows traders to conduct strategies based on on-chain triggers such as transactions coming to large wallets. Additionally, Autonio will also use PARSIQ monitoring technology to gauge NIOX AI-based effectiveness, strategies, and efficacy. 

Antonio will also be able to use PARSIQ tools for analytic purposes. The tool will allow the company to monitor withdraws and deposits transactions to the NIOX DAO, allowing them to understand their users. The analysis will be key in developing key metrics that will enable tracking growth.