Paradice Announces Over $1000 of Giveaways Each Month On its Platform

Paradice Announces Over $1000 of Giveaways Each Month On its Platform

Paradice Casino, an online cryptocurrency casino offering players up to 400 bets per second, announced that it will offer up to 25% Rakeback to its customers. Additionally, the firm noted that it will also give its customers free spins, and also over $1000 in giveaway gifts monthly through its platform.

Launched back in 2019, the platform has grown through the cryptocurrency adoption that has seen the entire crypto market cap actualize a $2 trillion level. As the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry evolved into different sectors, the gaming industry has since significantly benefited. Particularly, the gaming industry has been able to venture into more global markets that were previously not accessible due to a lack of proper banking.

Paradice Casino introduced new services to its customers in a bid to incentivize them and also attract new customers. Moreover, the level of competition in the cryptocurrency gaming industry is so high and only platforms with high-end services will win the market.

Notably, Paradice Casino offers full support for the top-ranked digital assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum (Eth), Litecoin (Ltc), DASH, and Dogecoin.

The platform was developed with scalability in mind whereby it can handle up to 400 casino bets per second. The lightning speed ensures players have instant plays and get a chance to instantly deposit and withdraw through the platform.


The platform currently has only one game supported although plans are there to onboard a new game soon, active the firm.

As the competition grows between the online casinos and traditional casinos due to their respective market edge, Paradice Casino has enabled a house edge of 1%, thereby raising the chances of a player to win. However, the company noted that the Roulette game provided on the platform has an edge of 2.7% since it cannot be less than that figuratively according to the company.

In order to attract more global users, Paradice casino offers its services without requiring user details. In short, the Know Your Customers (KYC) aspect is disabled on the Paradice casino. 

For Paradice Casino users, there is a daily contest with up to 0.0008 BTC up for grab. The platform has also developed a social environment to enable customers to interact with the support system always ready to meet customers’ needs at any time of the week.

Notably, Paradice casino has developed an internal currency dubbed PRDC. With PRDC currency, users can test new features and also purchase VIP status.