Paradefi Network – The Defi Architect

Paradefi Network - The Defi Architect

Paradefi is a pool-based decentralized lending platform in which borrowers and lenders interact with each other based on a smart-contract algorithm. The Paradefi Foundation aimed at creating a non-custodial decentralized borrowing and lending platform in which every loan activities and procedures can be easily securely done within a few seconds by using the advance of the blockchain technology.

The platform is well-developed to a non-human control where all the annual percentage yield (APY) is defined by supply and demand.  

Decentralized Pool-Based Strategy

This is the improvement of a decentralized P2P lending module in which caused many barriers with direct deals matching mechanism. Both lenders and borrowers will interact with each other by a pool contract, all

assets are stored in a secure pool, and APY is technically defined by the

supply and demand. Once a borrower places collateral, they can borrow an instant loan without matching with any lenders


Fiat On-ramp And Off-ramp (Fiat liquidity)

Paradefi is the pioneer in the defi space that enable liquidity for the fiat on-ramp and off-ramp, the liquidity from crypto to fiat and opposite has been the barrier for years. Moreover, direct liquidity from the decentralized can help citizens to avoid being scammed by dealing with other crypto dealers.

Even when the Dapp is not officially launched yet, but the Paradefi team has successfully integrated with over 50 currencies worldwide, a majority comes from the world’s most crypto-friendly countries. Paradefi securely resolves this issue, so liquidation is the key to any mass adoption.

Paradefi Token And Governance Token

Paradefi token (PRT) will be spreadly used in our ecosystem and products, and at the fundraising stage, PRT will be a speculative asset for our pioneer holders. Our total fund target is only over 1m$ for the development of the project, it is managed to take 4 rounds, 2 for the seed rounds, and other for private and public sales. 

A pool of PRT is dedicated for the Dapp platform, the team has decided 30% of the total supply for the decentralized lending platform. PRT is prioritized and utilized widely in the platform, PRT offers better interest rates and loan value. 

Big PRT holders also have rights over the governance, all the decisions and changes can be done by the votes from PRT holders.

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