Papusha Blockchain Technology Poised to Clean Up the Ecosystem

Papusha Blockchain Technology Poised to Clean Up the Ecosystem

The Papusha Rocket technology team is poised to combine blockchain tech, ecology, and space technologies in changing the world.
Russian scientist Anatoly, has created innovative technologies that could be used to recycle toxic waste into reusable energy such as kerosene, gasoline, and others, Papusha Rocket technology allows people to earn money while helping the environment in developed countries.
The Papusha ICO is aimed at helping the world reduce the amount of waste and pollution from the oil industry and foster and cleaner environment, globally.
“I believe the ICO format and decentralized ownership of the project’s tokens will allow the most rapid and qualitative solution of modern ecology and energy problems,” said Anatoly Papusha, PRT development author.
The PRT token is the native cryptocurrency of the Papushe ecosystem, and it facilitates all activities in the system.

How it Works

The Papushe team is looking to take its project to all parts of the world with inefficient oil waste disposal methods. The team has formulated a transparent plan of carrying out this task and believes that many nations will be interested in its offering.
The profit economy is straightforward and simple. The Cost of the low-power installation PRT-2 is $450,000 while the sale price is $950,000. The Net profit per installation is $500,000.
With the above estimates, having sold 6,200 PRT-2 units within the space of 3 years, Papusha will need at least $883 million to repurchase the tokens from exchanges, triggering a surge in the price of the PRT token by up to 3000 times.

PRT Token Sale Detail

The TGE begins on August 22. A total of 100 million PRT tokens have been mapped out for the event, and there is a hard cap of 13,500 ETH.
The minimum contribution is 100 PRT.
The Anatoly Papusha project team is made up of leading Russian Scientists, academicians, space technology experts, chemists, blockchain experts and more.
The team is highly optimistic that the Papusha Rocket Technology will be a huge success and clean up the entire ecosystem.
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